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Sako A11 Restoration

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May be of interest to some andf slightly different to the normal high end custom action builds we post here.

I was asked a few months ago to refurbish a well used Sako A11 (243 Win) that required a rebarrel.

The brief from the client was to keep it as standard as possible, so a Lothar Walther Chro-moly barrel in Sako Sporter profile was ordered.

Once it arrived the whole action and trigger were stripped out and deep cleaned, the old barrel removed and new barrel machined to fit - chambered in 243 Win.

Once proof tested, the barrelled action was again stripped out and sent to Mid Counties blacking where Darren did a very good job bringing all visible parts to "factory blued finish"

The stock was then prepped for bedding and was pillar bedded using devcon

I gave the stock a polish with buffing compound

Barrel is threaded M14x1mm with protective cap, bolt slide, slipper stop and small parts changed for new.



Final assembly and tweaking shows the finished results below - apologies, phone camera quality.



























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Thank you for the positive comments, these restoration jobs are really labours of love.

The time taken rarely fully charged for but it’s hood to see the owners reactions when they receive their well used rifles back in original form enhanced by improved barrel and bedding.

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i was drooling over this sako on friday, a classic factory rifle,its a  cracker well done andy. dave.

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The stock never left me - I’ve oiled and burnished it Gary


 Looks better in the flesh than my camera phone images portray 

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