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mr fudd

Anybody tried a Hawke frontier or Rudolph varmint hunter scope with NV add on

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Looking for a new scope for my HMR and wondered if either of the above are any good with gen3 tubed NV add on or even the Bushnell elite 4200 or 4500 series?

I have an elite 6500 on my foxing rifle and its excellent with my add on so looking for something just as good

Any help or other recommendations are much appreciated

Ideally looking for something up to 24 or 30 preferably and nice and light and compact

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I have a Hawke Frontier 3-15x50 ffp scope  with a PARD NV007 rear add-on and it's a good set up for anything out to 200 yards or so.

I also have a Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16x42 and the Hawke is slightly better with that add-on

I have no experience with tubed NV gear, but I do know that for a digital NV add-on, 24 or 30 magnification is way too high for the add-on to produce a decent image

For NV work, I'd always have a scope with a low end magnification of 4 or less so that the wide field of view makes target acquisition easy, and an upper end  magnification of not more than 20 so that there is still enough light coming out of the back of the scope to give the camera a chance of producing a decent image.

Obviously a larger objective lens (50mm or larger) also helps





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Thanks for your help bruce, digi and tubed are not that far apart these days for shorter ranges however due to a problem with my shooting eye I need to use the higher mag which is where tubed comes into it's own, I use a laser and can easily wind the mag up to 30x and still get a clear picture hence why i'm looking for another elite 6500 as I already know it works great, the frontier should in theory also work as good if not better then as if it works better with your digi unit then it's obviously letting more light through to give you taht better image

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It's generally agreed that the Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16x50 is a bit better than the 42.

Not just because of the bigger objective, it just seem to have better glass throughout





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