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Bergerac B14hmr

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So while I’m waiting for my new rifle to arrive I’ve been looking at the bergara B14 hmr 22.250, just wondering if anyone has one or knows anything about them good points bad points etc. they do seem a good rifle for the money.

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I had one of these. It was a good rifle nice adjustable stock did some pretty good groups , would do around .5 inch groups. i changed the trigger for a trigger tac drop in unit which was a lot better than the standard. I sold it because I could not get the velocity the manuals quoted even with the 24 inch barrel, eg with 53g max using RL15 and one other I got around 3530fps with max load  whereas the books were quoting 3700fps. With 73g Sierra TMK it was only giving 2950fps and people with .223 were getting almost that.

I decided for the extra noise and weight and the long barrel it was not worth it for the minimal speed gain. I have gone for a .204 ruger now in a Howa with a 22" barrel and with RL10X and 39g Blitzkings it is giving me 3650fps and the recoil is practically nil and the noise is a lot less, and factory accutip 40g were giving 3700fps and good accuracy .75"" or better at 100 yards.

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