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Quick silver titanium / Jet z

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Hi all, 

im looking for a moderator for my ssg 308. I’ve been shooting my friends rifle and he has the quicksilver compact. 


Could anyone point me in there direction as google isn’t helping. 


Alternately any suggestions on a good moderator please.  



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The quicksilver moderators were discontinued some time ago. I’m not sure what happened to the company but it stopped trading


If you are looking for titanium then check out the Oceania defence products. I have heard really good things about them but have no first hand experience. https://www.oceaniadefence.co.uk/product-page/762-titanium-alpine-hunter

one moderator that I have used extensively is the Ase Utra Jet-Z. They are heavy but offers great suppression. I would also look at the stainless steel models that offer better durability. http://www.aseutra.fi/jet-z-compact-suppressor.html




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