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AT AICS chassis system

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Firstly,are they any good? Probably a silly question,they look great  

secondly,how much work would be involved in modifying one for a Barnard S action,if it is possible at all? I’ve seen one for a Remi 700 SA 


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Hi Woodlander,

Hope you're getting on with the NXS OK ?

I've got an AI AX chassis and love it, fitted with a Stiller action which is Rem 700 clone. I think you've got to love "tacticool" rifles to like the look of the AI which is just as well as I do !!

Performance wise I can't think of a reason why you wouldn't be absolutely delighted with the AI system except maybe weight....you'd need to be a big strapping lad to carry it around the hills all day.

As for whether the Barnard fits easily/at all, unless Baldy or one of the other 'smiths comes along, give Steve Kershaw a bell and he'll let you know whats involved.

Regards, Rob.

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Thanks Rob,the NXS is great and on the .204.

As for the stock,I’m looking for something different for a Barnard S in 6br,it’s presently in a GRS,which I’m itself is nice enough but would like to try a chassis system,something with a pistol type grip,but I suspect it may be too costly,shame it’s not a drop in for a Remi. I’ll try to speak to Steve Kershaw and see what it entails, might be time for a change. 


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