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RPA Rangemaster opinion anyone?

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Came across a nice RPA rangemaster 338 s/h. Has anyone had any considerable time behind one, build quality, issues any recommendations? What's warranty like on these and if you need anything from RPA, how easy is that? 


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i have an rpa rangemaster stby - 308 with 16" barrel - it was when rpa were messing arounf with cadex stocks.

Its absolutely mint- THE most accurate gun i have to 500 yds ( and i own an AI in 6.5)

RPA themselves are great as i had feeding issues with standard AI mags so they sent me out 2 accurate mags - for nothing!!

Had this rifle now 3years and love it.

RPA have recently changed there website which is a shame - as it seems harder to get in touch now.

But - Plenty of other companies do aftermarket stuff.

Yep - recommended!!

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I emailed RPA tonight with a few questions to find out if its possible to have a second bolt with 308w bolt face at about 9pm to their defence email shown on their defence website and 15mins later Mr Markham replied back to me - wow that's something

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