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Fearghal kenny

Fox hunting

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I used to hunt foxes a night in Ireland in the early eighties at night time for a living, at that time I got 25 pounds per pelt back then.  I would start a 10 pm and wouldn't finish until light the next morning. Would only start hunting from November until the end of January, that would give them time to breed.                   Would use a .22 Hornet Rifle, with a Schmid & Bender scope never needed anything heavier than that. Some people think the need a larger caliber that's not so, if you hunt for the pelt, one doesn't want to rip it apart. Would shoot a average of 50 to 60 each week. Back then there wasn't of professionals shooting.


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46 minutes ago, Sherlock said:

Wow that a lot of fox  - how many foxes per year were you getting

Over 700 by my calculations  :) x £25 per pelt =£17500 , good money.

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