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Re electronic targets, having shot all the F class league shoots at Diggle ever since the silver mountain targets were acquired, I do not recall a complete shoot ever going ahead either due to the weather but mainly electronic target failure. The only shoots that were completed were with competitor marking. Even so electronics, if and when they work, have caused a bigger problem and that is what does everybody do about getting to the 1000yd firing point. No problem with competitor marking as half are in the butts.

As for Bisley, there are some very good private markers available, I even had a complaint at The Spudgun Challenge that they were marking the targets to quickly. Anyone who shot the Imperial F class this year would be well aware of the unbelievably bad marking by the NRA markers, truly it was worse than I have ever seen. Bisleys electronics just about work, if they bother to maintain them but most good shooters won,t trust them.

Personnally I would always go with good manually markers and pulled targets, the markers are available if you know where to look, thankĀ god for Gary and Paul

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