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Remington short action dimensions

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Have just started looking at my sons 260 Rem based on late 80s (I think) Rem action serial number  C6617865 in order to assess what degree of MOA rail it needs to allow for more elevation on the scope.

He has a Sightron 8 -32 x 56 which appears to have almost 80 moa total range and his current 100 yard zero leaves him with 41 moa UP elevation available and then 39 moa under his 100 yard zero.......on the face of it the rail must be zero slope...I thought.

However, the rail says is is 20 moa and it does look thicker at the back.......rough calc says it should be about .035" thicker for a 158mm / 6" rail.

If it IS 20 moa then the scope should not be optically  centred for a 100 yard zero and greater elevation should be available.

I will be taking everything apart to measure rail and action properly but in the meantime I Googled Rem 700 action blueprints which appear to show the the external diameter of the action front being larger than the rear...if true then wouldn't this negate the moa rail cant?

Must admit I am confused at present and any input appreciated.


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The factory solid model for a 700 receiver has the following dimensions.

front receiver ring 1.357in Diameter

Rear receiver bridge is a 2.025in radius surface, and is .565in from centreline.

difference in height between both surfaces is .1137in.


If you add on your .0349 sine height value for a 6inch 20moa surface, you should be able to see if your rail is somewhere in the vicinity.

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Paddy.....will do.....or might just give it to you to look at!

Many thanks for info.

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The rear receiver is the same diameter as the front but just milled away on the upper surface for reasons best known to Remington, so your base should be a lot thicker at the rear as it it needs to make up for the .1137 as Paddy says plus whatever extra height to give the required slope.   I have a Rem 40X which is the same as the 700 and using the same scope as your son but with Nightforce 20MOA two piece bases at 300 yards I am 31.5MOA from absolute bottom, so figure around 28 at 100 yards.   So your base may be 20MOA but the barrel happens to be shooting low, receiver threads not cut straight or other tolerances endemic in mass produced actions.


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Richard..thanks for your input....helps confirm my findings.

Think I will get a unimount and throw it on top to get me where I need to be.

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