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Long range bullet choice for the 284 Shehane?

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Long range bullet choice for the 284 Shehane? SMK 183 / Scenar 180L / Horday ELD Match. Are the CB differences in lateral wind drift so important? I think of distances of 600 and 900 yards.

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You could add in the Berger 180VLD,and more tolerant 180 Hybrid especially.

BC of course changes drop and drift-ony you can decide if differnces matter- there are no comparable data for Shehane-as it's a wildcat etc,but  soma SAAMI 7rem mag data will give a good idea of  drop/drift at sightly lower than Shehane mvs(about 75 fps):these are all at 800y, but will hold pro rata at your prefered 600 and 9ooy,closely enough to give a fair idea of BC&MV  206/effects in a 7mm (10 mph wind),and 175g (hunting) bullets drop/drift in inches:

7RemMag:Fed 175 g Trophy bonded BC .407 @2860 mv.    206/72

Fed 175 Hi Shok. Soft Point. BC .428 @2860.     181/64

Rem 175 Core LOkt SP  BC .428@ 2860 181/64

Win 175 PowrLokt PSP. BC .428@ 2860  181/64

Nosler 175 Part BC .519 @ 2800.  168/51


Increasing velocity and BC effects:


((7mmRem UltraMag.   Rem 175 Swift BC .548@3025.  137/42

Weatherby 7Mag 175 SP BC.462@3070.   146/46  


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