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284W Is the RS60 with the Scenar 180L a good choice for the 2850 node?

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284 W with Is the RS60 with the Scenar 180L a good choice for the 2850 node?



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What barrel length.

With a 26 incher 52grs of RS60 will get around you 2900fps depending on atmospheric temperature.any higher I was getting pressure signs.some run there's on 52.5grs.probaly best not starting above 51grs just incase.

The scenars run  30 to 40fps faster than the hybrids.

I used the scenars over 56.5grs of N165 last Sunday and had a PB.it was chilly so I expect they were doing less than 2800fps.when I chronied them they were doing average 2820fps yet again in warmer temps


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RS60 is an excellent powder for the .284, which will give you MVs about 2950 fps out of a 32” barrel. BUT, it will erode the throat very quickly.

My old barrel was being eroded by 0.005” every 100 rounds. I’m not going to use RS60 in my new barrel.

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The RS 60 is a double base, like the RS70, and both will be punishing for the barrells. The 62 is a simple base, but in a 30 "tube I do not know if it will rise to the node of 2850 fps, otherwise the Vhita 150 does not know if it will be too fast for the 180 of Scenar?
Thank you.

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4 minutes ago, Cienfuegos said:

El RS 60 es una base doble, como el RS70, y ambos castigarán a los barrells. El 62 es una base simple, pero en un tubo de 30 "no sé si subirá al nodo de 2850 fps, de lo contrario, el Vhita 150 no sabe si será demasiado rápido para el 180 de Scenar.

Or RS52?

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