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284 Versus RS62 or Vhita 165

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I read, that for cold loads on the 2830 fps with 180 in the 284 the RS62 is a bit better than the Vhita 165. Does anyone have experience in it?

Thank you.

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Hi I used vit 160 and 180l lapua and had a 100.17 at 900yds

been using it for years and all ways shot great at 2860 FPS 

rs 70 was better than rs60 with lower pressure and more speed 54g 

if that helps guy 

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16 hours ago, uk stalker said:

Hola, utilicé vit 160 y 180l lapua y tenía 100.17 en 900yds

estado usándolo durante años y todas las formas tuvieron un excelente disparo a 2860 FPS 

rs 70 era mejor que rs60 con menor presión y más velocidad 54g 

si eso ayuda al chico 

Barrel 28/30/32 pulgadas?


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Hi .

I use N165 in my .284 F class rifle (not Shehane). 55.5 grains gets me 2800+ fps. Using 180 / 183 grain Sierra M-K's sitting about 10 thou off the lands. Its a very useful combination.

The barrel I use is a 34 inch Bartlein with 1:8 twist

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In the end the armorer gets me a Victrix of 322 at 284W. I do not want to burn the barrel, Spain does not allow easy substitution, but I do not want to stay for the last ... I thought that cold powder like vhita 160 or RS62 could be the solution to reach the 2850 node with the Scenar 180L / SMk183 bullets, ( cheaper than Berger). But I do not know loads and if they will be appropriate ... I resist to think that it has to use double base: RS60 / RS70 or vhita 550/560 to reach the node of 2850. I hope that the 32 "give me the necessary game.

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