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Well Polling Stations open in less than 12 hours.


This could be the most decisive GE in terms of all shooting sports ever. It's not necessarily what's in any of the manifestos from any of the main parties but what some of the, to be frank, very left of centre mainly metropolitan political elite think. If you value your sport who would you trust to allow you to continue with it indefinitely without becoming a convient and expedient political 'sound bite' from the Home Office?

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Corbyn loves guns....... in the hands of his terrorist mates.

That !!!

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I'd be voting UKIP based on reading all of the manifestos but am still in too minds as voting UKIP is also another vote for labour by cutting the Tory majority. I wonder just how many voters have bothered reading the manifestos?. Labour are a disaster zone and will not just bring us to our knees, but be an open invite for the EU to rape us, terrorism to flourish, civil liberties would be stripped and we'd ruled by some of the most synical far left marxist liars and opportunists, many without a brain cell between them.


UKIP seem to be the only party with some genuinely well thought out policies from the economy (hard brexit, the only sensible option in the circumstances), to social care for the elderly and protection of the vulnerable as well as recruiting 7000 new border control staff. They would up the military budget in real terms, whilst the tories (liars that they are) would continue to cut it.


May is an ineffective mouth-piece. She failed as Home Secretary, lied and got away with it, and is failing as this country's PM. Her economic policies are muddled and non-coherent. She has a woeful cabinet with no real big guns left in it, and probably only one or two people actually, with her, make most of the decisions for us all.


The lib dems I see as another disaster zone and are trying to curry favour (as with the SNP) of the young by promising the vote to 16 year olds because real grown ups with any sense, experience or knowledge wouldn't vote them in.


I await the result with a feeling of dread and gloom. May has managed to do the unthinkable and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory when she held the best hand, she gambled it on unfathomable attacks on the elderly and social care whilst managing to slowly back track on her hard brexit strategy. And people still trust her?


God help us all.

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Hopefully Diane Abbot has single handedly sunk Jezzas boat!


Sh!t floats......


(although I think you're right - and who knew being utterly useless at everything was an illness?)

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I find it mildly amusing how people think we're in financial turmoil now, but they aint seen nothing yet if Labour get in. It never ceases to astound me how short peoples memories are regarding the trail of financial mis-management thats always left behind by them, but I guess thats why they always try to appeal to the young & idealistic voters who have no recolection of the past.

I honestly feel that if Labour get in again, we are all well & truly f*%~#>! and we will be paying for it, in more ways than one, for more years than we can imagine.....and I'm normally quite an optimistic person.

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Well she called this election to satisfy her own ego, no one else wanted it

I think she "had" to call a GE simply because she hadn't been voted in, only inherited the job when Dave bailed out.

Thats my understanding anyway.

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I think she "had" to call a GE simply because she hadn't been voted in, only inherited the job when Dave bailed out.

Thats my understanding anyway.

She said she had no intentions of calling an election, then when she thought she had an unassailable majority she called one

Looking like it might not be quite as clear cut as she imagined

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I think as a remainer she wanted a second referendum but couldn't call one so did this instead. Vote Tory and it's a hard exit at any cost, vote Labour and it's a wishy-washy half in half out affair that also ruins the economy and lets terrorists go free.

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Thought so


"What does the law actually state on the publication of exit polls?

The Representation of the People Act 2000 inserted a section 66A into the initial 1983 of the same name and this read as follows. It is a criminal offence ‘to publish, before a poll is closed, any statement about the way in which voters have voted in that election, where this statement is, or might reasonably be taken to be, based on information given by voters after they voted.’

Not only statements and statistics but also making forecasts based on exit polls, constitute an offence. The 2000 Act specifically makes it an offence ‘to publish, before a poll is closed, any forecast – including any estimate – of that election result, if the forecast is based on exit poll information from voters, or which might reasonably be taken to be based on it.

These laws apply to both Parliamentary and local elections, elections to the Welsh Assembly and to by-elections. The 2000 Act applies both to exit polls conducted to focus on voting in a particular constituency or ward and to voting patterns nationally."

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