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Non standard cartridges incl. Black Powder

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Hi, If anyone has got an old shotgun of non standard chamber size or black powder only proof (like me), please be aware that I can make small quantities of the following gauges and chamber lengths with smokeless or Black powder in shot sizes 4, 6, 7.5


!0G 2 5/8 2 7/8 smokeless or black powder

12G 2 3/4 Black Powder

16G 2 3/4 smokeless or black powder

28G 2 3/4 Smokeless or Black powder


By small quantities I mean up to 200. Price is not cheap as they are handcrafted in the welsh hillsides, but unless you do it yourself, the only commercial black powder cartridge is 12G, and there are no makers of the 10G sizes or 16G in shot sizes other than 6


If anyone wants 20G black powder, there would be a tooling charge as I don't have the tooling for that gauge(yet)


Atb Miseryguts

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