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New F open Gun 284

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Here's a recent 284win build that I put together with the help of Mik and Stuart as well as the invaluable assistance of Vince.


Built on brian fox's barrel block chassis with an XLR folding adapter for travel that keeps this large boom stick to acceptable dimensions. Neck turn chamber for 180s and 30" long. Now we just have to run it in...:)







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Am I correct in thinking that the stock is attached to the barrel via the clamp rather than by the action being beddd in the traditional sense. If This is the case, does the action have to be free floating as well as the barrel forward of the clamp

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This 'barrel-clamp' stock is designed so that the action is free-floating - i.e. unstressed. A good solution when hanging a long heavy barrel off a short, flimsy action - like a Remmy 700.


You could bed the action - but why would ya?

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First outing of this Fclass gun -  I had a weekend trip to Bisley with my new setup: 284Win built by Mik from Dolphin Gun company on a Fox barrel block chassis, Nesika Action, bartlein barrel throated for 180bergers and 312neck at 30 inch. I didn't get the Fclass open front rest for the moment I thought I would go with a bipod as Ive always shot off one and it worked out Ok for my needs.

I drove up to meet Vince for some expert advice. As I flew in to shoot, my time was limited so wanted to get a solid load right away if possible.. We had to run this on an afternoon before i headed back to bisley for the weekend. I always followed his advice and glad I did again. Brass neck turned to 0.012 and used the new FL bushing type die from wilson.
We prepped 10 cases and loaded them up from 50grn to 58grn VV N165 in 1 grain increments. One shot of each to check pressure. We stopped at 58grn with 2830ft/d and 18ft/s spread. Ran 3 rounds at 300yds and we got an inch group. Loaded another 5 and shot them at same distance over a chrono. I thought leave it at that, load 50rounds up to try at 500, 600, 900 and 1000 over two days. The rifle held in the 5 and X ring at 500 and 600 so I thought it was a good start. Hadnt shot Fclass type targets in over 2 years so I was well pleased. It was pouring on the Saturday at the 600yard in century so after 15 rounds I wrapped up. There was aprinter facility on century range which I though was awesome, shoot and print off your group right away at 300.
Sunday morning weather was nice and winds around 6-8mph half value on stickledown. Started at 900 on the electronic targets. Really enjoyed using these although i did not make full use of their functionality. I used Shooter app to get me on target on the 1st sighter, bang on 5 ring and likewise at the 1000yard line.
900yard target
I then moved to the 1000yard line to see what it would print. Winds picked up a little but it seemed consistent with occasional switch to a headwind.
Big thumbs up to Vince for his advice, no waste of time and ammo so I could enjoy travelling, loading and shooting. Also Mark ellis and Nathan from 1967 spud had my stuff sent out in a whim which made the trip possible and successful. Top service as well as the very helpful people at Bisley Range Office, thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will be back. Until next time shoot straight.
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I was surprised too. Its got a long COAL 3.210 so that may have something to do with having a lower pressure given bullet seated far out. When I shot it at Bisley at 500,600 900 and 1000, it was 1.50 MOA flatter than predicted tractectory. When I entered the corrections on Shooter app, it predicted my velocity at 2900ft/s.  Bisley was about 5 degrees warmer than at Diggle.

I have to shoot at 100yards with 25MOA on the turret and actually measure the clicks of the scope are exactly MOA. If they are, then its actually shooting faster.

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