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Just thought I'd share a great day with y'all and say a thank you to Phil. As i don't really do pigeon decoying anymore. Phil had offered a day or two before and it was on drilled barley. Shooting pigeons over drill was my favourite type when i used to do it regularly. So didn't need asking twice. We drove round three farms in the morning to try and locate the best place for some sport. As it turned out we drove back to the farm about a mile from his house. We checked a farm that had beans that we were at the previous weekend with the rifle's. But that was pretty dead. We set up 2 hides both beside each other as we were both using auto's. Kiera the springer was brought as pick up helper and she is very good.
We put out a magnet and 12 shells as on drill it's very easily spotted. we had set up wind behind us and under a large willow tree which they do get in allot. from the start it was good sporting shooting some screaming past very difficult shots. But in all fairness we shot well from the start. We regularly had birds fall Belly up so had to right them adding new real birds as we accumulated and gradually took in all the shells.
We spent most of the day hard at it , then clearing up later on , lots of kit and birds to carry but it was worth it . Phil had to take kiera home as she had injured her leg so he then brought his other dog which i can't actually remember his name atm! Which he also picked up birds we couldn't see in the hedge so there a great asset on days like these . Thank you Philly look forward to the next one !




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Some of the bigger pics wouldn't upload ,shame some good one's. We finished with about 130 so well pleased . Also ill point out we take it in turns to shoot purely for safety reasons . Autos used purely for long day more comfortable shooting too . ;)

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My idea of a fun time, sounds like you had an excellent day chap :)

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That's them ! I always get springer and cockers mixed up ! Yes indeed we did Richy

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found another two loads today, one lot with pigeons, another loads of crow and some pigeons. i think i'm guiding on one load tomorrow so might have some left closer the weekend on other patch. i will not know for another hour.

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