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SWFA Scopes - Any good?? - What about availability in the UK?


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Bullets (or heads as our US friends call them) and also brass cases weren't added to the ITAR list until 2012/2013 or thereabouts.  I still have paperwork from the deputy head of the TSA (Chad Bash) in October 2010 saying they were OK. 

Update, just checked and as far as I can see they were added to 22 CFR Ch. I (4–1–13 Edition) so that would be April 1st 2013.

All four of our cases were inspected, we had about 4,000 bullets, several hundred cases, a reloading press and various other dies & parts etc. no problems with them at all.  The Sightron 8-32x56 scope I carried in my carry-on bag as advised by the TSA to prevent damage.  No problems with any of the items at UK customs either, just the cost of import duty & VAT where applicable.

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excuse delayed responce, been doing the family thing.

Not sure what the TSA have to do with it? ITAR falls primarily under the DDTC re interpretation and administration, the TSA simply enforce what they are told to, they have no input into ‘what’ is enforced or any policy related to trade restriction in any form.

As to your dates re ammunition components and ITAR, again erroneous statement, my own experiance dating pre 2000 is you are incorrect, but to save any ping-pong of emails I contacted the DDTC today and recieved this responce:


Colleagues in our policy division advised that ammunition and its components in U.S. Munitions List Categories III(a) and III(b) have been controlled at least since 1976, which is the earliest copy of the ITAR they have in the office.

Best wishes for the holidays,

Aldo Sirotic

Contractor/American Systems Group

Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) Response Team

202 663-1282

Should you wish to dispute any of the above please write to the DDTC and then post both your question and their response 

have a good New Year

brgds Terry

ps as I’ve stated many times, people ‘get away’, with a bunch of things as the TSA do not know what the regulations are.

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On 12/26/2017 at 11:22 PM, phaedra1106uk said:

Bullets (or heads as our US friends call them) .

I've spent a lot of time amongst shooters in the US and have never heard the term "heads" used once. I've only ever seen it used (erroneously in my opinion) on this forum

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I've wanted to try one of these scopes to use as an extreme range option and with the MOA Quad reticle it seemed  perfect for my needs .

I was hoping to get the 16x42mm but only the 10x42mm came in with MOA Quad so i bought that model . The scope is well made with bomb proof feel to it and without testing on paper there seems to be just over 140 moa with another 42 moa of holdover which again is untested to see if dial up equals the equivalent holdover .

Glass for £395 delivered is very good and whilst a basic comparison to a 50mm NXS set at 10x showed a clear advantage to the more expensive scope it wasn't five times better .

Word of warning , the reticle is very fine and the floating dot is the smallest I've seen (  much smaller than on the CH-3 ) and against a dark hedgerow etc it would be hard to pickup .

I would have liked it to have a sunshade and caps included but they are extra's . Small annoying things to note , each turret has three screws to adjust and anyone using the scope for its maximum elevation with the appropriate rail will notice that the turret cap hides the indexing mark on the scope for the lowest 10 moa of travel .

Apart from minor gripes this is such alot of scope for very little  money and when the 16x comes in I'll get one as well as .


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