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Any .17 WSM Rimfire owners out there??


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I'd be interested to read your follow ups to this. It looks like an interesting round. Not something I would buy after my experience with HMR, but that's not to say it's not a good choice for you.


I like .17's but tend to go for centrefires. I've had both the Hornady and the Ackley Hornet, and have just had a .17 Rem made. I like the reloading aspect.


When I first saw the round I thought to myself "if only they made this in .22... we could have a semi auto then and that would be interesting!

In all honesty, yes i love my little WSM, but partly wish i'd gone down the .17 Rem like yourself. I too love reloading.....

Having weighed 300 rounds, (Vert tedious!) I have sorted them out in boxes of the same weight. Only another 400 to 500 left to weigh.... :wacko:

I've found that shooting them in weighed batched gives you better accuracy and grouping. Especially as the difference in the weighed 300 was 1.3 grains! :mad:

I'm going to have a vert tentative go at pulling apart a round in the lightest group, and one in the heaviest group. Then weigh the powder, projectile, and lastly the case, just to give me some idea of where the discrepancy comes from in the weight...

If i manage to do it, without blowing myself up i'll put down my findings on here.



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