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I could resist no longer, I’ve got one on order.


Anyone using a regular size propane bottle? Any torch recommendations?


Lubo any thoughts on selling the kit with a sensible quantity of 750F Tempilaq included?




Sorry guys, I'm based in Bulgaria and Tempilaq here is acquired only from abroad.

You could easily get it from my friend Mark Ellis here: https://www.1967spud.com/product-category/annealing/

or here: https://www.facebook.com/mark1967spudellis

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This is mine, not great quality video but you can see how it works (very nicely!), https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/103575967/FBUK/High%20Res.mp4


Lubo in in Bulgaria, mine took about 10 days from order to delivery, fully tracked all the way, excellent service :D


Did you pay through paypal - send money to friends or family? Just curious as there is no protection from paypal on this type of payment.

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OK, so I have just received mine today. I can only say that I have been completely delighted with the whole experience. I paid with paypal gift (to save on any tax and keep the price low). The machine was extremely well package. It was in a big polystyrene box, which was braced on the inside to stop it being squashed. The machine is very high quality, and a really nice little size. I have loads of kit at home, so space is at a premium, so it will store really well. I have tested it out, and I was surprised to find that the numbers on the timing wheel matched exactly with the number of seconds before it spins. I assumed that it would take ages to find the right setting and i would have to use a stop watch etc, however it took me no time at all. This piece of kit is remarkable value, especially when you consider how much it would have cost to ship to me. Utterly brilliant, really pleased!!

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Raptor Calls, have you sent any across the pond to US? Can you tell me how many $US it sells for? I am not good at conversion. I would be very interested in getting one, looks like a great piece of equipment, kudo for the design

Thanks for praising my annealer. I use a couriers to send my annealers as they guarantee fast delivery. However they do not offer service across the ocean.

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