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Applied ballistics

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Hi guys,


Ive got the AB app on my Galaxy S7. However I am unable to find the truing function within the app.

I have watched a few you tube clips and within the HUD screen in the top right hand corner there are three bars or a drop down function that the truing function is within, however this is not there on my phone screen.


What I do have is

i) Calculate distance

ii) Get look angle

iii) Get the target Azimuth

iv) Station atmosphere

v) Atmosphere from device .


But no truing function, can anyone help and point me in the right direction please?



Thanks guys



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If it's just that the 3 bars/dots menu button is missing then on a Galaxy you hold down the back button for 1-2s until the menu appears. I thought that only happened with older apps which assumed you had a hard menu button though.

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Thanks for all your help guys, like The Dogge says, the 3 dot bars thing is not there.....however as the Dogge says, if you hold down the back screen for 2 seconds it come up.



Thanks for everyone's help, much appreciated.




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