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After looking at everything out there, I have just invested in a Beretta A400 28inch - one of the few multishot shotguns with a dedicated LH action - as a pigeon / walked up gun.


I've added an extended (IM) choke for aesthetics and the practical aspect of offering greater protection of the barrel as opposed to flush chokes.


First time out on Friday afternoon at Atkin Grant & Lang using Gamebore 28gm fibre 7.5's and it was dusting everything (when I did my bit !!)


Back again Saturday morning with another 150 shells through it, the felt recoil was negligible but the smile on my face through the confidence provided by the "feel" and balance of this gun in "seeing" the bird was huge.


On the farm later in the day, 32gm Gamebore fibre pigeon 6's, were more than ample for Mr Woodie. The gun soaks up the recoil so effectively.


I've not changed or tinkered with the stock drop or LOP and it fits very well. The ABS case is smart, with three flush chokes and the finish of the gun with a coated wood effect stock and forend is very well finished.


All the "shut lines" and wood to metal fit are suberb and the matt bronze action is classy. The "vorsprung" action and trigger feel are equally suberb and the engineering is evident when cleaning.


For £1280, I'm hugely impressed. Again fabulous professional service from the team at Eastern Sporting.

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Beautiful wood on it too David,

I've just bought a Benelli Powerbore and was up at a clay shoot near Romsey yesterday and tried a round using 24g loads, it performed flawlessly, like you the smile it brings to my ugly mug is infectious.

I've been thinking about a set of extended ported chokes, which make did you get?

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I've used Beretta A400 Extrema's for years, fired 1000's of shells, only very occasionally cleaned it and it has never once failed to fire or cycle. They seem to be bullet proof.

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Thanks chaps.


Steve, it's actually not wood but a coated finish over synthetic. As a fan of the classics I could weep but I get a supertough tool with a nice "wood" look.


Choke choice was Beretta HP Optima Extended. £45.00. Next day delivery from GMK !!!!!. For me, it's just adds a visual edge to the gun, as well as protection of the barrel end.




I seriously looked at the Benelli's - Raffaele Supersport. Nice but £2200. I actually liked the meatier feel of the fore-end on the Berettta and the balance was less tippy.


JC - it feels good, and yes, I've cleaned it - twice !!!!!

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Have you tried to clean the carbon out of the small gas ports yet?

What an arse of a job and the reason it had a full clean so infrequently.

The carbon sets solid and you end up having to hand turn a drill bit into the gas ports to clean them out cos you can't get at them with a battery drill.

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JC - I have - as I'm anal about cleaning stuff !! - and was wondering just how best to clean the thing / how often. I am going to put together a little cleaning kit with some Dremel bits and keep it in my SG case.

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Browning Maxus was my choice.The wood is superb on it and the speed load function is great in the field.I clean all my guns after I use them be it an air pistol/rifle or the shotguns but find it even more important with a semi as has been said the carbon is there after 50 shells.I actually enjoy it though. :(

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