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My DIY annealing machine!

raptor calls

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Hi folks

I just wanted to share my DIY annealing machine with you!

Here is my first version:




Now I have a refined version with an under rim of the disc, which holds longer cases more stable.





The whole machine is made of stainless steel. It is very simple to operate and performs very well.

The disc plates holding the cases are interchangeable for the different calibers and are replaced by removing couple of thumb screws on top.

The turning speed of the disc is constant, but the time the brass stays in front of the flame could be set by turning a potentiometer and varies between 2 and 16 seconds depending on certain requirements.
During the process, the case is being moved in front of the flame and lands on a base, which spins it to an 80 RPM, ensuring even and fast heating of the neck.
Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated.
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Very nice. Really looks high tech.


If you are planning to market it, suggest that you use Randall screws versus wing nuts for the disc (purely for aesthetics). Also, the bracket for the gas torch could also be better aligned with the rest of the annealer (same reason).


Finally, take a look at this one (one off prototype built by my mate):




The holes in the disc allow virtually every case to be annealed. The disc is loosened and the inserted case is then centralized on the rotating spindle during annealing. Loss of additional potential revenue versus enhanced flexibility for most shooters and therefore more demand.





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Thanks for the comments guys!


Bianchi, I don`t like the gas torch brackets very much myself, but my machine is budget orientated and those brackets do the job. I leave the brackets straight and then everyone can easily bend them to their specific needs as they have slits on them.

I have made a few machines for friends and I have sent one to Binzzy, who is a member in this forum. They all liked it!

I greatly appreciate your suggestions and the machine your friend has built is great, but looks expensive and I'm sure it is indeed.

About the case slots, you are wright as well, but in my design are inapplicable. I have tried to make the disc universal to each caliber, but it is just not possible because of the way I spin the cases.

There are many designs of annealers and there are few great ones, but I can assure you mine does the job just as well, at a fraction of the cost of others.

My annealer is made using a stepper motor and I've never seen another made this way, allowing it to be very compact compared to all others out there.


Please, keep commenting as constructive criticism is very important to me!



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Thanks for your interest guys!


I've mentioned in my previous post that I had made a few machines for others and I won't hide mi interest in selling my annealer.

The one Binzzy ordered took 15 days from order to delivery. He was pleased and offered to make a short review, but he is away for a few weeks now.

It takes me a week to make the machine and 8 days for Parcel Force to deliver it as I'm based in Bulgaria.

The annealer costs £170 including P&P.





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Yes thanks lubo . Just done my first hundred.

Very easy to set up and use. And your help before hand has been fantastic.

Taken me about 15 mins to set up get the tempilaq and timer set just right.

And another 10 mins to anneal 100.

The second batch are going round as I type.

Thanks bud

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My order arrived today, after very good comms. form Lubo. Tracking the package, it has seen a fair bit of Europe over the last few days! Haven't had the chance to use it in anger yet but VERY impressed with the quality and the build. Really looks the part. If you're thinking about one, go for it, you won't be disappointed. I was intending to send brass off to be annealed but this machine will pay for itself in no time… Sorry Spud!

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Hi, i take it you make the loading trays as well, ,


do you sell them separately and if so at what cost including postage to Sk17 area,


the calibre is 6.5x47 lapua




Please pm me with details



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