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The fight against ISIS - the moral highground.

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Social media has taken away our perspective.


The 450 we lost in afghanistan over more than a decade, whilst each an individual tragedy, would have been a single afternoon's attack in Normandy that would have barely drawn comment.


Some truisms endure:


attachicon.gifsherman 4.png


More people were killed in the battle of the somme than are medically fit in the whole of the british army, including blanket stackers, bottle washers and clerks! A third of which died on the first day. If it wasn't for our special forces, security services and the magic red button we would not factor at all internationally. Technology has moved things on somewhat but still it a harrowing thought. The Dresden point is an interesting one and bomber commander in general with the sheepishness the british government had after events leading the the disgraceful treatment and only the recent memorial to those brave men and commanders many who never lived to see it.


The hard lesson (and its always a hard one) learnt if you have ever been bullied. If someone repeatedly hurts you, hits or kicks you when you finally brake and fight back you don't stop when they are on the floor, you make sure they don't even consider thinking about it, not one grain of doubt left till that person is physically and mentally broken. You don't get that if you let them back up to their feet. We as a country have forgotten this or those who have lived to sheltered lives that have never had the need arise leading to the spineless lord of the flies politicians we have now. There is no crueler animal than a human being.

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