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John MH

NRA E-Bulletin 31 July 15

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The bulletin also says they are going to be informing the police about any members that haven't shot in the last 12 months.


I've been a member for 2 years but still haven't had enough spare time to go to Bisley.


The NRA is not my primary club and isn't listed on my FAC. Are they going to waste police time informing them about me or is it just people who have the NRA as their primary/sole club?

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Hmmmm I guess those who only have bisley listed within the special conditions on their FAC need worry.

This about sums it up, if your main club is listed as 'NRA Bisley' as being 'it' as far as good reason to own a firearm then not shooting is the same as any other HO approved club, the secretay of that club is duty bound to inform the police that you no longer shoot = no longer have a need for the firearms listed as being used at that club, this is not new and has always been the case.


The NRA being a 'big' and basically faceless club is just going thru the motions. a smaller local club would I hope, enquire if the member has any problems i.e. illness, before firing off a letter to the police. Persistent non attendees are normally given a nudge to attend some shoots or quit the club.


Just being a member of the NRA is not linked to this.


Brgds Terry

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