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As Mark said I got a 6.5 CM on Friday and I must say I'm very impressed with the quality of the rifle, especially when you consider the price. the folding stock opens and closes with a nice positive click and has plenty of adjustment, which all locks off with QR type cam levers, these seem a bit fiddly but once set up hopefully they will keep everything nice and tight, Nice Samson keymod hand guard with sling mount and small rail, I'm going to change the grip for the Ergo grip as the supplied one is a bit cheap and cheerful, the only other concern is the Bolt, it is bare metal and after seeing photos of rust appearing in a few hours after shooting in the rain I will probably get it cerakoted. (especially after Saturdays CSR rain fest). I took it to Bisley Friday PM but unfortunately with four of us shooting off one point, zeroing my 308 for the CSR the next day and the light rapidly fading, I only managed to get 2 or 3 shots off with it, so cant make any comment on it's accuracy at the moment, only thing I can say is the recoil is considerably less than a .308.

Ive run my intended loads through the Ballistic AE App and the results compared to my 308 at the same velocity are quite (for a die hard 308 shooter) staggering (140 SMK at 2650FPS loading manual figure) the velocity is still over 1350fps at 1000yds and the wind setting is around half the 308. Im going to try and get to the Kynoch tunnel range in the next few days to get it properly set up and Ill report back then. Time will tell if this rifle is a good as it seems, but at the moment Im more than happy.

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