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biolite camp stove


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Apart from re-charging your mobile, is a kelly kettle a good alternative? Always fancied one or something similar.

I bought a Kelly Kettle last year and have used it a few times. The conclusion I have come to is that it is definitely brilliant for boiling water quickly, efficiently and keeping the ash out of it. However it is very large (although not heavy). So for walking into somewhere it takes up a ridiculously large amount of space in your pack, but if you were vehicle mounted then it would be great. But if you were vehicle mounted, then why not just have a gas hob? It's a tricky one!

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I have a Kelly kettle gathering dust, can't bear to get rid, just in casey. ??? , I normally filled the base / tube up with fuel ready to rock and roll, if it's damp it's a little tricky sometimes with damp fuel


I've gone back to vehicle bound double ring gas, I can have a cook up and boil the tea at the same time, it's solid, I've made a folding aluminium wind shelter, boils and cooks up in minutes





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Gimmick in my view aimed at those with plenty of cash and no idea , buy a box of matches and one of these , job sorted for under a tenner :)



Ive got one and you can pre charge it before you leave home , keeps my android going for 3 extra days without needing sunshine.

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