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You could create most of this on Short Siberia for 22 ARs (minus pistol):



The main problem is getting that range

CNC are paying £13.5k/week to use the ranges at Bisley and Siberia s in use 4 days/week


There is another alternative though, so stay tooned

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Jeezus, what have I led you into?


I can just see you, Hibben and Ronin doing 3 man stacks in your horse stable now :-)






You don't know what you've started…..

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I think I've only deployed on ops in 3 conflicts/wars; so it's quite a giggle to be called an airsofter :mellow:


( :lol::):) )


But I'm happy as it's coming from someone with the type of intense operational experience that can only be derived from years at the heart of the highly trained and selected Tier-Zero crew :







........and, yes, "STABLE CLEAR!"

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