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UK Big Cat pics?

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Whilst hawking in North Wales 3 seasons back, I came across a sheep carcass at least 25ft up a tree - My RT was tucking in to it! - pointed it out to the keeper, who dismissed it! - clearly it was not put up there by a crow!




If it was a cat that did that, it would be a leopard. I stand to be corrected but I believe this is the only species’ of cat that does this.


I must say I have never seen any photo of any “UK big cat” that was remotely leopard-like in appearance and I am yet to be convinced. Even my other half who loves stories like this saw BD’s piccys and said it looks like a domestic cat to her.


IMHO it would be fantastic if this little island could accommodate such a magnificent creature, but sadly I think not. We are just too overcrowded for such a large predator to exist without frequent human interaction with very negative consequences.


Keep looking.



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I once tied a roadkill pheasant to a fence post next to a spring in a field, charlie appeared on the run, ran straight past the bird, grabbed it as he went and made off without breaking stride, a wing had been pulled off.


For what its worth I thing the pic is a farm cat, I have one just like that, its surprising how big they seem at 100 yards. But I do believe we have big cats, a friend has seen what he thinks is a black panther twice in a lamp, some years apart but in almost the same place. Eyes shine green in a white lens, farm cats eyes shine the colour of the lens cover.



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A friend of mine once found a sheep half eaten up a tree with clear scratch marks on the trunk he also found some fresh pad marks on a track above the ride.......................... The week before we took a lamb we had taken the back legs of and back straps and put it up a tree we also made a sharp metal hook and a fake pad mark !!!!

If the media can get a picture of a topless celebrity 2 miles off the coast in a boat I'm sure there would be more concrete evidence of "big cats" !! Rather than pixilated videos and pictures !

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I don't know if there are big cats here, but if you thought there was one in a wood, how would you tell?

I'd have thought that siting people around the wood, and then driving through it with a line of people and dogs would be a pretty good start, what chance would a big cat have of remaining undetected by dogs, when the trees are leafless? They don't go down holes like foxes do they?

Given that this happens to most woods in england on a weekly basis from October to January every year..... that looks like reasonable evidence that they are not present in those woods to me.

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