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I have been thinking about how a Sako 75 would work with AW 10rd mags , wether or not it would be a viable conversion or not .


Any one have both a AW & Sako 75/85 mag to see how much the differ , and if it is close enough to being able to work .


Later Chris

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Not sure the conversion would be viable Chris due to the double ramp of the AW as opposed to the single ramp of the Sako.


Maybe AICS would work, ive a couple of 75's here I can look at....

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The reason , I was asking is both the Sako & the AW are double stack & double feed mags , even my Badger 2008 has one feed ramp , but its wide enough to use both AICS & AW mags etc .


Some one needs to make a alloy bottom metal for the Sako 75/85 to use the AW mag , or Sako needs to make cheaper longer mags ?


Which do you think is most likely to happen , Sako/Beretta lower mag prices OR some one make a reasonable bottom metal ?


YEAP , I am not betting on Sako/Beretta .


Later Chris

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Looked at an AI AICS mag last night under a 22-250 Sako 75 im re-working.


The AI mag fits into the 75 mag inlet perfectly.


The addition of a small retention depression in the AI mag would enable the mag to be held.


Pity I havent an AW mag lying around to try....

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Away at work at the min but will post some pics when home. Its quite self explanatory from the pics.


I replicated the "locking Tab" for want of a better word from the Sako mag and tack welded it to the front of the AI mag. (A spot welder would be better but I do not have one)and then messed about with the feed lips until it fed reliably. I must confess that a mate of mine finished fettling the lips as I just didn't have the time and no longer had a 75 to keep trying the mags on. Once one was working it was easy to copy the angle of the lips onto a second.


It could do with a little more fettling I think as its a little stiff in ejecting the mag from the action but that's me being very critical, In all honesty its better a little stiff than sloppy.


King regards Bob.

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I think I'll have to give that a go.


Don't suppose you do commissions?!

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Looks great.... That could be an solution.


But...... Mine is in caliber 6.5x55 (action IV), and far as i know the AW 10shot magazine is only in "short action"?


I'll try to extend an original magazine together with my gunsmith-friend. If it works i'll post som pictures.



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The 2 x Mags I originally converted are still going strong. 
No issues at all.

Mine could have looked better if I had a spot welder, but a buzz with the Mig Welder and a quick clean up served the purpose. 

Good to hear that you are having a go at something that “apparently” can’t be done 😁

Kind regards,


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You csnt6buy them buddy that's the problem.

Bobthenailer inspired me to give it a go and make one using an AW mag. 

Got the tab made just needs a buddy's help welding it on them fettle the feed lips

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