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Nightforce Reticle change prices


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Just had this e-mail back from NF regarding reticle changes etc, thought it may be of interest if you are considering having any work done to your NF scope.






Hello and thank you for contacting Nightforce Optics.


Yes, we are offering Service Modification work at this time.


Nightforce offers both reticle and turret modifications for a nominal fee.


ZeroStop turrets are available in either .250 MOA or 0.1 Mil Radian adjustments. Nightforce can modify your NXS optic (to exclude the 42 power optics) with the ZeroStop of your choice for $350.00. Standard Hi-Speed turret modification costs are $275.00, which includes .250 and .125 MOA adjustments (.125 MOA Hi-Speed adjustments are available for the NXS 8-32 and 12-42 powers only).


Reticles can be modified for both first and second focal plane optic models. The cost to modify a second focal plane optic is $300.00, and to modify a first focal plane optic is $400.00. This is excluding the Horus H-58 reticle, which is priced upon request. (Note: Focal planes are not interchangeable). The average domestic return shipping cost is $16.50 for a single optic.


To have any of these services performed, please contact a Nightforce Optics customer service representative at (208) 476-9814 to schedule the service and receive a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA). An RMA must be processed prior to performing any services. When calling, please be prepared to supply your personal contact information and the nature of your request, to include the optic configuration, serial number etc. Lastly, we ask that all service optics are sent in with a Factory Service Form. This form can be downloaded and printed from our website under the Service/Repair Forms tab, www.nightforceoptics.com.


All prices are subject to change at Nightforce Optics discretion.


Please let us know if we can be of additional assistance.


Best regards,



Customer Service 2

Nightforce Optics, Inc

336 Hazen Lane, Orofino, Idaho 83544

(208)476-9814 p (208)476-9817 f



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I made contact with Nightforce also with a potential reticle change and zero stops fitted.

They requested for me to make contact with UK dealer in which I did.


Price : 1K !!!!!!!!



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RIP OFF Britain

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Sportsmanguncentre. I sent one back for repair via SGC. All went very smoothly and I paid not one shiny coin!.

I'm betting many hundreds of shiny coins will need to change hands for a ret change!!

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I was wondering how much it would cost for a reticle change on a NF? I was eyeing a NXS up with a reticle that I wasn't keen on, it would work out daft money in the long run as basically whatever the cost is in $ equates pretty much the same as £ once all the shipping and duty is added. 

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