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Which powder for .223 Rem & .308Win?

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A bit late maybe? 🤣 , but I still use now what I did back then for my Tikka T3, 1 in 8 twist .223. Lapua and PPU brass. Fed Gold primers, 55 grain Hornady V-Max. 25.1 grains of Viht N135, giving me 3200 FPS give or take 24 FPS. Constant sub moa. No idea if it's any good for the .308??

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I’m using N135 for 223 52 to 73 grain bullets 24.5 to 23 grain for above bullets and also for 155 grain bullets in 308 using 43 g for the hornady 155s and 42.5 g for Berger 155.5s . Lapua brass and cci primers for both calibres . Very happy with the loads . Going to try n540 for the 223 soon and I also use 44.5 g of N150 for the heavier 175/185 Berger or 178 eldms by hornady in 308”. 

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On 1/21/2012 at 6:08 AM, NoEntry said:

You shoud be able to work up a load using Vhit 135.



The first powder I ever bought for reloading was for my .223, and it was Viht N135. This was to load brass for 55 grain V-Max. And I soon found a nice node with 25.1 grains, which gave me around 3200 fps. And very good groups! (If I do my bit).

No idea what it's like in my 6.5CM as I've never tried making a load up for it. I've always used Viht N150 for my 6.5 CM. And I've had good results with the Lapua Scena 139. and the 130 TMK.

Hope that helps.......


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N140 is a very versatile powder, works well with .223 and .308

RS powders seem very clean, maybe worth looking at an RS40 -RS50 range

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On 10/9/2021 at 4:34 PM, Richiew said:

 Going to try n540 for the 223 soon and I also use 44.5 g of N150 for the heavier 175/185 Berger or 178 eldms by hornady in 308”. 

I'm shooting .223 at ISSF 300 metre, my load is Lapua cases, BR4 primers, 80 gn Sierra Matchkings seated at 2.525, using 25 grains of Viht 540.  Have not Chrono'ed, as not really interested in speed as they knock the middle out at 300 mts, and spit in the eye of wind!

Shot from my Barnard P action, with 30 gm Bix'n Andy trigger, Bartlein 1 in 8 twist 25 ins barrel, in a special Dolphin stock. 

The result below is a 30 shot match shot prone at 300 metres, in a gale at Bisley, by my wife, she only stopped at 30 because the wind tore the target down, and shooting was stopped for safety!!

We don't shoot 7.62 now, but Viht 540 works nicely in 7.62 with various bullets, we also use it very successfully in 6mmbr with 107 gn bullets.

Have Fun


pam_223_group red.jpg

colour clash rifle.jpg

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Thanks for the info I have tried n540 in .25 steps from 22.5G to 23.5 and all went very well . At 2.26” coal for 73 grain Berger the max case for sako brass is 24.6 grains of n540 so will load some more up to that recipe. Best accuracy at 22.5 and 23.5 so far. Same point of impact as before using n135 so presume I’m in the 2700 FPS ballpark. 
cheers Rich 


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When the powder shortages hit the shelves in the US I began looking at alternatives to Varget and IMR 4064. Settled on Lovex D073-06. (Shooter's World Match Rifle, here) I have loaded it in 204, 223, 6.5 Grendel, 7-08 and 308 with great success. My girl friend uses it in her 308 steel rifle with 168's out toi 1000 when the weather is right, otherwise we use 175s. It has been the best powder (and i've tried all of them) in my 6.5 Grendel CZs using 120 and 123 grain bullets. I have shot steel out to 700 yards with 123 Noslers over this powder. It is very versatile. Might be worth a try if you all can get it. ~Andrew

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