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The first review for this new section on UKV is for the Desert Arms Stealth Recon Scout (DTA (SRS)).


The aim of this new review section is to give a ‘warts and all’ impartial review of a product - what’s to like, what’s not to like – as well as offer some technical insights that are (hopefully!) a little more detailed than the frustrating “shot well with most ammo tried” type of review that seem to be the UK shooting press standard.


The reviews will also include a mini-bio on the reviewer’s background – again, it’s often hard to tell in the UK shooting press quite why a reviewer feels qualified to give their “shoots well with most ammo tried” opinion – and discern whether they are someone whose shooting knowledge & experience may mean their opinion is worth listening to, or simply a shooting mucker of the editor. On a site populated by top-end riflesmiths and winning & seriously competitive precision marksmen I think we can raise the bar a little. :)


I hope you will find the new section of interest.

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