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UKV Comp at WMS - thanks

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thanks to Matt and Andrew for a great day out and all the guys i shot with good weather good company really enjoyed the day sorry for the quick getaway but up to early and a long drive home thanks again Barry.

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I'll second that.

Despite being last and getting the booby prize, it was, with out a doubt, the most fun I have had with a rifle.

I am eagerly awaiting the next one for which I will be better prepared.

Thanks to everyone for making it such a memorable day.


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Same here, thanks to Matt and Andrew and to everyone else for just making the day what it was. Barry, your display of shooting on the gongs down the valley will stay with me for a very long time, superb. Only other thing which sticks in my mind is my sitting unsupported shooting is c...

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Also like to add thanks to Andrew and Matt for aranging the competition.


A long and challenging day, dont think I saw a miserable face all day, many hadn't been to the venue before, it really is a fantastic place for a comp - even if youve been before, the weather changes so quickly, familiarity doesnt really help.


Good to see many old friends, and put faces to names off the site.



Precision reloading skills put to the test on the first detail eh BD....... ;)



Noticed many were taking photo's, hopefully some of the pics taken will find their way into a write up.



Had a brilliant day!



When's the next one :D :D :)

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Well lads it was a great day. Matt you did a top job organising a load of repribates. I am sure it took a lot of planning leaving no time for your relaoding :lol:


I can only mirror what has already been said. Good to put names to faces and talk rifles in person. I can't wait for the next meet, I may even bring a repeater, thanks Ronin for the loan of the Blaser, I don't think I would have faired well with a single shot rifle with a bolt coming out on every cycle 10 shots 2 minutes 5 different positions :lol:



But my hat comes off to Gunnery, as mentioned already he had 2 hits on the 20" gong then 6 consecutive hits on the 10" gong at 750m. And he only took 8 shots on that stand. Although he may have to change his name to "zero stop"........


Pics are not great but I mis placed the camera half way through the day so didn't get many :rolleyes:


It was rather misty on arrival



It cleared enough for the first round named "know your limits", and no I don't; scoring a big zero



Firing line first detail



Emergency re-sizing :lol:



Sitting position figure 11 -



And the winner is


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Thanks for the kind comments -very glad you enjoyed it.


As in my email:


In addition to echoing thanks to Andrew V, my parents, the producers and the people of mid-wales without whom ...etc I'd just like to pass some 'public' thanks to TerryH too; not there on the day (right now he's busy enjoying the delights of some dodgy spot on the Dark Continent) he helped plan the thing -but didn't get to do the fun part.

Next time Terry!


Thanks to all for good fun, good banter and getting into the spirit of it - not to mention a uniformly impressive standard of marksmanship that made the whole thing worthwhile.



Precision reloading skills put to the test on the first detail eh BD....... ;)

I am sure it took a lot of planning leaving no time for your relaoding :lol:

Emergency re-sizing :lol:



They just wouldn't let it lie :lol: Can't believe you got a bloody pic too :lol:

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Here’s one of the stages mentioned by Scotch Egg.


Quite a challenging mix of time pressure and movement:


SeanC starting in the first prone position; Ronin Scoring and timing.


SeanC delivering 2 x standing shots having moved through 3 fire positions already


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I'm pretty certain you could fit a scope to the Lee hand loader - may have improved BD's score :lol:



Anyway, a few more pics:



398 mtr 10 inch popper targets - 20 degree incline - and some other stuff thrown in to make it tricky ;)





Same Target, different shooter, Desert Arms Tactical bullpup in action



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I'd just like to echo the thanks Matt and to Terry.


Excellent CoF with a nice mixture which in parts i found quite challenging.


Hopefully it will be repeated next year and if so there's NO WAY im travelling there and back in the day.




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Thanks to Matt, Andrew and Terry for organising the day and to everyone else as well for making it so enjoyable.


I can honestly say it is one of the best days shooting I have ever had. Put my name down for the next one! :D


I'll put a few of my pics up later but my work firewall won't allow me to at the moment.


Thanks again,



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'Jambo' (as they say here)


Really glad it all wnt off well and folks enjoyed the stages. The idea was test not tax :)


Annoyed at missing the day, just to see Matt doing a good impersonation of a newbie would make the trip worthwhile lol


Brgds Terry

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Would also like to add my thanks to Matt for organizing a excellent event and thank everyone who attended, great to meet up with everyone and I was really impressed by the very high level of shooting by all involved.


Just thought I would also add a couple more pictures.




[Edit: Rob, apologies for the 'interruption'. Someone not present has asked me about the cloud in the pic above. For info; the stand pictured was abandoned halfway through due to vis-safety as the cloud rolled down the facing hill face and we relocated to a different valley. Half the competitors were therefore unable to complete this particular stand. With a field of competitors that was composed of roughly 50% Commissioned Service personnel and serving Police Officers as well as Andrew V's rigidly imposed safety ethos (not to mention a raft of mature competitive marksman each sufficiently established in their own fields to fund participation at this level of expertise); I am rather surprised at the concern; but thought it prudent to add this clarification. :) -BD]


While there was lots of serious action, some found time for a spot of posing. :)




And when time permitted some would pose again. :rolleyes:





Kind Regards



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You will see I'm not an avid poster...! But... I would also like to say what a brilliant day I had - the organisation, the friendship and the willingness of everyone to share knowledge and offer advice - and the 'relaxed' competition! - all contributed to a memorable day. The course was both challenging and satisfying to shoot and I'm even more pleased that Dave encouraged me to acquire my first c/f from Andy last November.


Thanks to everyone, it was great to meet you, and hope to see you all at the next one!

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Pics as promised:


Sorry but there are going to be loads of posts because it won't let me upload more than 2 at a time and I can't be bothered resizing them all again! :rolleyes:


This was on the first stand. 100yd KYL, but mainly a pic of the Desert Arms Bullpups. I have to say I was impressed. Very well built and a nice trigger even for a normal rifle let alone a bullpup. I only dry fired one because I think if I had shot one it may have been a very expensive shot!




This was the longest range target at just over 800yds:



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