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Pheasant Sangers

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Got few birds from saturdays first shoot of my syndicate. I was wondering if anybody has any good recipies or tips they would like to pass on, so i could start my first expetdidtion into the bright new world of sausage making....



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YOur going to need a LOT of belly pork to make them anywhere near nice mate.


Pheasant is well too dry to make a deacent sanger.


So much infact that you will loose the pheasant taste.


Instead, why not go for a nice terrine of pheasant and rabbit, slow cook phessy and rabbit, strip meat off bones, idealy you want to try and strip the rabbit as the bones are a bit brittle, i tend to use phessy legs.


with the stock, reduce it down add some gelatine when pouring over the meat and other goodies. asparagus is nice, some quails eggs, all layered up, and wrapped up in some sage leaves.

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as said youll need pork belly but i also get a bunch o apples decore and then just blitz till mush in the food processor and add too..


its more money but the best tip i could give you is do not use a mincer with a sausage adapter on it.....they are so crap it beggars belief.....


best if your intent on making sausages get a dedicated sausage stuffer.....cheapest one i found and its ace is the economy one form bushwear for 80 quid.


and for skins buy the hog casings from weschenfelder.co.uk


they are cheap and robust enough for a beginner but without being too chewy in the eating.


heres a basic receipe for you as a "base"


5lb of pheasant mince

2lbs of minced pork belly or pork shoulder

some butchers rusk

1.5 lbs mushed apple



basically add the meat together in a tescos wash hand basin ( bout £1.50)

add some butchers rusk ..start off with a little you can always add more if required but cant take it away

and add the apple and start to mix thru

it will be a bit dry so bit at a time add water and mix till it all starts to bind...good guide is when your moving it around the bowlits not leaving any trace on the bowl bottom


then into the stuffer and away you go ...easy iease with 2 persons on winding ...and one guiding sausage off of the stuffer....if you can "link" em good good if not dont worry just have one big #### off sausage start at one end and move in however long you want your sasuage..pinch ant twist a few times and cut with a knife..use it to give you lenght of next one and repeat till you have heap o good uns!!!


thats a basic start and you can add or remove ingredients as you learn....you can buy bought packets from bushwear etc but more fun in making your own and throwing any thing in.......butchers rusk you can just ask your local guy if you can buy some



if you want more detailed advice pm me your number...im no expert i just bugger bout and enjoy the results!!!!





sauer /paul

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Wifes buying me a stuffer for xmas..........had enough of trying to mess around with the mincer and saussage attatchement.


Going to have a bit of a saussage fest over the next few months.

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Thanks for the replies gents, I have a fair bit of belly pork left over from couple of pigs i bought, the Girlfriend won't eat it. Will defo try out both suggestions. Did find one on tinternet which consisted of chestnuts, belly pork some other bits and sultanas soaked in port overnight.


I did buy a stuffer got it from northern tool company, think it was on offer.


Fair play sauer those sangers look lush!!!!

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oh aye!!!! they were fine!!!!!!!!


just finished a load were we threw in 2jamjar sized jars of my own homemade sweet chilli sauce again.



damn good even if i say so mysel!!!!!!!!




keep us posted how you get on




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