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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, I've an issue with the measured velocities I'm getting from my AX308 out of a 26" 1/8" .260rem barrel. I've done some load development and just recognized some weird behaviour when firing a string of 5 rounds out of the magazine: The 1st shot of each of the series had a higher velocity (about 20 - 30 fps) than the other 4. When I finished a 5 shot string, I reloaded the magazine with another 5 rounds, prepared the LabRadar and started the next series. The behaviour is repeatable. Here''s an example of one of the series : ( 43.1 gr RS62 behind a 139gr Lapua Scenar ) 1) 2876 2) 2833 3) 2834 4) 2845 5) 2858 My 1st thought was about the time the 1st round of the new series is located in the chamber. It could take longer time for me to acquire a comfortable shooting position again and during that time, the powder temp increases. But I've checked it: hurried up for the 1st round and slowed down for the 3rd. Same behaviour. Also paid attention to consistent pressure on the bipod. As said, I've loaded from the Magazine. Maybe I should try with the single shot adapter? I've no idea, what else could cause this. My .308win also behaves in a similar way: Whenever I pause shooting for some minutes, the next shot will be around 20-30fps faster. Does someone have an idea?
  2. banus02

    243 85gr

    can any one help with this load,n140 38grs using sierra 85gr hpbt in 243,lapua cases and murmon primed col of 2650.very accurate but i do not know the velocity.does any one use this load? its fired from a tikka super varmint with a 20" barrel.trying to make deer legal velocity.

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