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Found 11 results

  1. Just thought I'd share a foxing rifle I've been using recently. It's providing to be a great setup with some well proven kit. A Tikka Super Varmint build using some nice kit from Tikka, Pulsar, PSE and Tier-One. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViU7-BvO67g&t=94s
  2. Hi all, Am selling a surplus to requirements Leupold VX-l 4.5-14x56 scope. This is parallax adjustable and has capped turrets. It's second focal plane and comes with the varmint reticle. Comes boxed with the neoprene scope cover. Has a 30mm tube with no marks as shown in photos. Apologies for the photo of the ret, I struggled to get it in focus. It's in near mint condition other than one minor scratch to the eye piece lens, doesn't affect use of scope and I'm unable to get it to show up in a photo but wanted to say for completeness sakes. Postage offered but collection from Gloucestershire preferred. £350 posted.
  3. I am reluctantly selling my fajen ace varminter stock. I had be fitted to a Remington 700 bdl varmint short action. The stock is in good condition with very little mark. This is a solid stock that easily soaks up recoil, ideal for large calibres and long sessions on the range. £80 https://www.midwayusa.com/product/109373/fajen-ace-varminter-stock-remington-700-bdl-short-action-remington-varmint-barrel-channel-laminated-wood-coffee-drop-in-finished
  4. For sale is a very accurate Tubb 2000 Spec-Tac-LR. I have owned the rifle for a few years now after going through the ordeal of importing it myself from the US. I have used it for stalking, vermin control and long range plinking but it is equally suited to target shooting. (Bullet count is around 500) I do not do much rifle shooting any more which is the reason for the sale. The basic information is as follows.... Tubb 2000 Spec-Tac-LR in 6mmXC. Scope NOT included 24" 1-7.5 twist rate barrel designed for heavy bullets. (I have predominantly been using 105 A-Max) Fully adjustable chassis system allowing for a comfortable fit to suit any right handed shooter. Anschutz trigger which is fully adjustable from single stage to two stage and adjustable blade position and pull weight. Threaded in 5/8UNF for a moderator NOT included. £3,250 Below is a link to 3 youtube videos about this rifle by one of the designers, David Tubb. Some of the features explained are not included in the sale such as the bi-pod and muzzle break. View full playlist (3 videos)
  5. CZ 527 .17 Hornet fitted into a Boyds thumbhole laminate stock 24" varmint barrel screwcut 1/2UNF set trigger 3 year warranty. Our price £775 includes free spare magazine. We have picatinny rails in stock £69.99 Dedicated 527 Rings in both 1" £32 and 30mm £45 in stock. Hornady Brass in stock £39.95/50 Hornady Dies in stock £54.95 Hornady 20gn Vmax Loaded Ammunition in stock £23.50 01283-568661
  6. New McMillan Sako A7 Stock!! Custom drop-in McMillan Sako Varmint for L/A Sako A7 light barrel with decelerator pad and QD studs. Stock was ordered for a rifle I sold. £525 including P&P Ali - 07928 457368 or abrservices@hotmail.com
  7. Some times it seems the basc distinctions between accuracy and precision are not fully understood by many shoters who nonetheless strive to hit smaller and smaller targets at greater and greater distances,and do so with more consistency. (Litz,. The basics are not new; thus precision is encapsulated by "small groups are good",and accuracy by the knowledge that "a good zero and accuracy prediction are critical". Bryan Litz points out that you get better at hitting targets(assume Vince's point-the first hole is the target in group shooting) if you understand the causes of misses. His mission is to consider the uncertainties and inaccuracies of real world shooting so as to make informed decisions about improving hit %s. Prescision is usually expressed as group size. To hit small targets at long range,rifle,ammo,and shooter have to be capable of firing shots that impact closely together. Once such grouping is consistently achieved,centering the group on the point of aim (or intended point of impact) is the challenge for accuracy.(Litz). Although these two (A&P) are ultimately integrated,they are usefully considered separately.An example should suffice: if a 1/4 moa rifle/ammo/shooter combination misses a 2 moa target at 1000y,then such a failure is much more likely an accuracy (Litzthan a precision failure,and here it would be an improvement in accuracy that should be the priority.(thus,the miss is more likely to be corrected by an improvement in wind prediction effects,than an extra 50 fps in velocity.) In this example,extreme load development finessing is not likely to be so productive as quite moderate shooter learning. The shooter would do well to invest in a Kestrel,rather than an electronic powder dispenser.Of course,sometimes the opposite holds,and the answer(s) are not always upgrading equipment. Lets just make a clear note too,that shooter (human) variables pervade both Accuracy and Precision factors- in the above example,it's clear that wind reading needs work,but there is skill too in the use of reloading equiment,or rifle smithing and so on.Differnt skills to be sure,and not all need to be equally possessed by the shooter-or at all (S(he) might just buy top grade loaded ammo.But quality has to come in somewhere in all aspects. OK enough for an opener. The sheer scale of possible improvements,and the implied priorities for achieving them,can be very surprising....in the example,close to 50% improvement via bettter wind reading,maybe less than 2% via load finessing. Note the distinctions are real,but can overlap-sixty years ago I was shooting vermin-a one shot game (they either ran away...or not)...accuracy mattered. But I was also shooting 25y 22rf postal competition-each shot was on a separate bull-smaller by far than the vermin-so even more accuracy,but there were ten such to a card,so it had to be repeated pretty quickly-in effect an approximation to 'group' shooting,the bull being sub calibre. gbal
  8. srowe1

    FAC advice needed

    Hi, Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Seb and I am hoping you guys could give me some advice. I have been trying to get into shooting for several years now, and being that there are no full bore rifle clubs near, I joined a clay target club some time ago, but it was so disorganised and poorly run I didn’t carry on with it or get my SGC. I initially joined with the hope of getting to know a few of the members who hunt on permission land as I am really keen on getting my FAC to hunt fox, rabbits and corvids. I am now in the process of joining a PSG club and have spoken to the secretary who has said it shouldn’t take more than 3/4 shoots to get full membership, then to pass a UKPSA Safety Course. After that, I can apply for my FAC. My question is what do you think is the best way for me to get into varmint/small game/fox shooting? I live in a fairly rural area, near a few arable farmers. I hope you can give me some advice as PSG, although good fun, varmint/small game shooting is what I really want to do. Thanks for taking the time to have a read Cheers, Seb
  9. For sale: CZ455 Varmint thumbhole laminate stock. This stock was fitted to my new rifle and has been out of the cabinet just a single time, I bought the rifle as a package but always intended to swap the stock for a Pro-Varmint to match my other rifles. Well, my new stock turned up this morning so I now have the thumbhole for sale. As expected, it's in fantastic condition, will be supplied in a Boyds box. Pictures below. Looking for £90 plus post. And how it looks fitted on a rifle:
  10. SOLD Sako Finnfire Varmint (22 lr.) with a Sirocco SM-11 moderator. The rifle is accurate and in good condition. The moderator has only had about 200 shots through it. Price: £600 excluding P&P. I'm based in London and if we transfer in person I will include 350 rounds of Eley subsonic ammunition. They shoot very well in this rifle. Scope and rings not included. The rifle will be advertised elsewhere.
  11. SOLD Varmint barrel .243 Howa 1500 with AXIOM stock (the heavier duty more robust aluminium version). Round count less than 200. Shoots superb. Only selling as I bought a 6mm BR and can't justify keeping this as well. TIMNEY trigger. CDi Precision bottom metal (takes AI mags, one 5-shot included). £629 now £580 now SOLD Threaded 5/8 UNF. Mag included. Bipod, scope, mount, moderator not included. A few more pics here. Moderator, scope, and bipod NOT included! Cheers Bruce

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