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Found 12 results

  1. ***SOLD*** Tikka T1X .22LR bolt action rifle with the following extras. Barrel is threaded in 1/2x20UNF. - Area419 30MOA Picatinny rail - A-Tec CMM6 .22LR Moderator - 2 Additional 10rnd magazines This rifle has been owned from new for almost one year now and since it has had hardly any use and owning another .22LR it is up for sale. It has fired 465 rounds only (documented). £550 via RFD or In Person
  2. Just thought I'd share a foxing rifle I've been using recently. It's providing to be a great setup with some well proven kit. A Tikka Super Varmint build using some nice kit from Tikka, Pulsar, PSE and Tier-One. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViU7-BvO67g&t=94s
  3. Good evening all, I've been a long time follower of this forum and its proved really useful, so thank you for this. As the title suggests I've just purchased a Tikka Tac A1 in 6.5 Creedmoor (24"). I bought a pair of Tier One TAC 6 screw rings (high) but these are sitting extremely high. Can anyone suggest anything more suitable to marry my Nightforce 4-32x50 NX8 to the Tikka please? I know its difficult with the Tikkas extended picatinny...….. Thanks in advance Richie
  4. For Sale GRS Decima Hunter Stock in near new condition. No bumps cuts or grazes. Range use only has not been out and about in the fields. Also has the HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE recoil pad added to it which is normally an extra part. £200 Posted UK only. (Barrelled action and scope not included in sale)
  5. Tikka t3x varmit 6.5x55 for sale in excellent condition, round count at 250. has had bolt handle upgrade and genuine 0moa rail added. 8x56 schmit and bender scope with Leopold quick release mounts and sl5i sound mod included. Scope is totally unmarked and i will sell separate if needs be. £1000 for the lot with 50 rounds of 120gr factory Norma included.
  6. Hi everyone, hope the mods don’t mind me posting this 4 days early...if so, please remove!!!! I am selling my GRS Bolthorn Tactical stock for Tikka T3 Short Action in mint condition. This was the chassis for my T3 Lite until I upgraded to a TAC recently. Perfect condition, plug and play...you just unscrew and remove action from old stock and drop your barrel and action into this using your original stock screws. Will accept all barrels including Varmint/Heavy/Bull. Fully adjustable cheek piece, buttstock, pistol grip and on the forend 3x picatinny/weaver rails. Also included is a polymer 10shot .223 mag, also good for .222. I have also left on a weaver/picatinny adapter for Harris style bipod and a Tikka comfort sling jury rigged to 2xQD stud connectors. This was an expensive stock brand new, but including insured postage I would be looking to get around £750ovno. The stock is advertised on 2 other websites so could be pulled at short notice. Any questions, please give me a shout and thanks for having a look. Paul👍 I’ve got loads of pictures which I can email you directly if you are interested....keep getting binned on here as over 2.93Mb...soz!!! NOW SOLD...THANK YOU VERY MUCH
  7. Having sold my Sako TRG 22 I have the following items for sale. Spuhr 34mm 6.3mil Mount. This model is a direct mount to the Sako TRG dovetail and it will also work with the Tikka T3X in new condition. Sold Sako TRG 22 magazine. Has been ceracoated black. Sold Third Eye Tactical Tikka T3 20moa rail. Black. Sold KRG intergrated night vision mount. Sold Fortmier bipod with mount. Sold 6.5X47 brass still available £90/100
  8. GRS Bolthorn Folding Chassis for Tikka T3 short action calibres (Standard length AICS so .204 - 300WSM) The chassis handles very well and is very stable under recoil owing to its almost straight line recoil. It, was originally bought as a fixed chassis about 2.5 years ago and has since had the folding hinge fitted at a cost of around £130 (fixed stock joint also included) with this fitted the stock locks up tightly when folded or open. It has also been fitted with a custom made aluminum tubular rear bag rider made by David Bonwick of the Shooting Shed which cost around £80. This can be interchanged with the original rear picatinny rail. The chassis will also come with two different cheek pieces made from Kydex one of which covered in neoprene, however it is currently fitted with the factory part. The full specification can be found here - https://www.grsriflestocks.com/models/grs-bolthorn Other than slight wear of the anodising on the front picatinny rail where a bipod has been used and a small ~5mm scuff on the polymer forend the chassis is in almost new condition. New with the folding hinge included this would cost around £1300 (Without the bag rider and extra cheek pieces) so I think £900 + Postage (ONO) is a fair price.
  9. While getting familiar with my T3x I noticed that my groups when using "set" trigger are not better than when using standard, heavy setting. I also noticed a slight jerk when using "set", even when dry firing. Am I imagining things or have someone else noticed that too? Michal
  10. I wonder if anyone can help explain these odd results. I'm using ELD-X 143gn with N550 and have spent some time developing the load, tweaking seating depth but keep getting strange groups. This is a typical example, an 8 shot group, of sorts, with five touching in one group and a separate group of 3 shots to the left and slightly higher. This was shot at 208m with a very slight tail wind, with an occasional cross wind (from left to right). The loads are all measured as precisely as possible, to a few kernels of each other, bullets seated to the same depth, same case type, same trim length, same primer. The average velocity is 2600fps. Action seems tight in the stock, torqued down, scope mounts torqued too. It could just be user error I guess, but it seems odd that I get some shots printing on one, tight group and others printing similarly close in another spot. The barrel had been threaded but the guy who did it knows his onions so I doubt that is an issue, the crown is factory cut however, and hasn't been touched. It is a new rifle and may just need a few more down it perhaps. Anyone seen this sort of thing before?
  11. While checking out a newly bought Tikka T3x I noticed the barrel touching the stock a couple inches from the chamber. I'm wondering if it would be sensible to remove a bit of material to make the barrel truly free floating? TIA, Michal
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