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Found 15 results

  1. GRS Bolthorn Folding Chassis for Tikka T3 short action calibres (Standard length AICS so .204 - 300WSM) The chassis handles very well and is very stable under recoil owing to its almost straight line recoil. It, was originally bought as a fixed chassis about 2.5 years ago and has since had the folding hinge fitted at a cost of around £130 (fixed stock joint also included) with this fitted the stock locks up tightly when folded or open. It has also been fitted with a custom made aluminum tubular rear bag rider made by David Bonwick of the Shooting Shed which cost around £80. This can be interchanged with the original rear picatinny rail. The chassis will also come with two different cheek pieces made from Kydex one of which covered in neoprene, however it is currently fitted with the factory part. The full specification can be found here - https://www.grsriflestocks.com/models/grs-bolthorn Other than slight wear of the anodising on the front picatinny rail where a bipod has been used and a small ~5mm scuff on the polymer forend the chassis is in almost new condition. New with the folding hinge included this would cost around £1300 (Without the bag rider and extra cheek pieces) so I think £900 + Postage (ONO) is a fair price.
  2. Now that my Fclass rifle is done, I'm thinking of a tactical build on the new MDT LSS chassis w carbine butt stock and Vortex Razor 4.5-27 scope. Would you recommend a tikka T3 action for a tactical rifle build? i'm looking at a s/h action with a bartlein 24" barrel fluted for a 260rem or 6.5creedmoor on a tikka t3 action. I read that these are available also in short action but can't seem to find any. Do they require any truing like the rem700s or are they good to go? tnks Rod
  3. More goodies from MDT. This time, the latest addition to their popular chassis line up, the new ESS. We have the Remington 700, Short Action, Right Hand version arriving next week with a choice of fore-ends. Priced from £775 with a 12" fore-end, a bit more with the longer versions
  4. We are looking for 2-3 people with factory .223 Tikka T3's to perform some testing of a new product. Ideally you'd shoot a lot, in a variety of conditions and locations. If you'd be up for giving us some unbiased feedback on this new product, drop me a p.m. with some details about what, how often and where you shoot and why you want to do it. We'll post back here at the end of next week with the lucky selected members!
  5. We've got 2 "seconds" magazines left, minor marks to the anodising on one around the feed lips and a minor machining mark on the top of the other. Both are 100% reliable, purely cosmetic blemishes only. £109.99 each inc. postage. Order here
  6. For sale is my Tikka T3 Hunter in .243 win. This was my first stalking rifle but has had very little use with around 350 rounds through it, hence the decision to sell it. It is a standard RH T3 Hunter complete with a T8 moderator and Sako Optilock rings. The scope is a Leupold VX-L 4.5-14x50 with a varminter ballistic reticule. The rifle is in very good condition as is the moderator and scope due to them seeing very little use. The Leupold scope is very clear and the ballistic reticule works very well with 100gn Federal blue box ammunition. The rifle is now with my RFD so extra pictures will need to be taken when I'm next over there if required. The rifle can also be sent RFD-RFD at buyers cost. I'm asking for £1000 ono for the whole package. I would like to sell the items as a package. Thanks, Sean.
  7. Rifle stock to fit a Tikka T3 supervarmint .223 action, complete with recoil lug, beyond that completely untouched and no marks or dinks whatsoever. Would pass as new, but had been fitted to a rifle at one point for a target plinking session. £400 posted (£110 off McAvoys prices +p&p). Pictures uploaded to a GRS Folder in my Classifieds; http://s408.photobucket.com/user/Sandy_750/library/Classifieds/GRS%20Stock?sort=3&page=1 A good deal for someone.
  8. ORIGINAL BOBSLEDS. ALL BOB HAHIN ORIGINAL IMPORTS Single shot sled for Tikka T3, CZ 527, CZ527 HORNET CZ527 7.62X39, Tikka M595, AI 308, AI 223. See last posting for updates on prices. All prices include postage to UK mainland, Europe is £3.45 extra per sled.
  9. One Tikka T3 Sporter Stock, Bought new last June, in good condition - a few light scuffs commensurate with regular use over some 1000 rounds. This stock combined with my .223 T3 shot very well and held zero with no problems. The stock has a 2-way adjustable cheekpiece and a butt pad adjustable for height and cant as well as LOP by way of spacers. The forend has an inlet Anschutz style rail and comes with a sling attatchment and a rear QD sling loop. £275 + £12 P&P Advertised elsewhere.
  10. One Tikka T3 6 shot .222/223/204 magazine, light use but in good condition and fully functional - £35 posted Also One Original Bob Sled Tikka T3 Single Shot Insert - £12 posted Advertised elsewhere.
  11. What factory ammo / weight bullet would you recommend for T3 Super Varmint in .243 , 1 in 10" twist , 20" barrel? for: A, Foxing B, 600m paper punching. Cheers
  12. As per title and recent posts, I am selling Don's Tikka T3 .204 supervarmint with his passing last month. Other than a bit of oil that needs cleaning off the action, it is in excellent condition, with only the minutest mark on the barrel, which I have captured. Less than 600 rounds I would say and was purchased around April 2013 as I collected mine around this time too. The rifle can be viewed and collected from Newtoft, just outside of Market Rasen, and is boxed with 6 shot magazine, instructions barrel playing thingy. He has 400 fired Hornady .204 brass also that has been fired in this rifle, so can do a deal on these too as well as a DM80 .20 moderator. For the rifle were asking £780 which is £30 more than valued by the RFD that sold it to him. These 24" barrels are on a 6-8 month waiting list, as we both ordered these as special orders. Any queries, drop me a PM. I've put some pictures in my classified folder, please scroll through to the Tikka. http://s408.photobucket.com/user/Sandy_750/media/Classifieds/IMG_0409_zpsb67947f3.jpg.html?sort=3&o=6 Thanks Sandy
  13. I managed to get out for a couple of hours this afternoon (inbetween showers!) to have a play with my .243. Since getting my TRG its taken a back seat on longer range work, however as the .308 is scopeless I thought I would give the old T3 a go. My Windtronic 2 and complex directional wind device also got out for the first time and it made it alot more fun not having to guess wind speed. I felt a lot more confident dialling in and if the wind wasnt gusting I may have done OK. I had two boards set up, one at 200y, the other at 350y. Im using Strelock app to dial in which is very easy to use and accurate. As i dont yet have a chrony I used the adjust velocity fuction to fine tune the app to my load with good results. I will eventually get a chrony to take out the guess work! I normally use this rifle on foxes with the lamp to no more than 150y so my current load uses 58gr VMAX as I like its flat trajectory but in wind at 350y they are not ideal. At 350y I manged to get very good vertical with little variation from highest to lowest so I'm happy that my loads are consistant but reading the wind was tough and the horizontal spread was around 6 inches. The rifle is 2008 model with 20" barrel and I think it is 1 in 10 twist (please correct me if I'm wrong) as Ive never checked it. What are the bullet options for a 1 in 10 twist .243? I would like a bullet with better BC for managing wind but not overly heavy. Any advice welcome! (PS. please ignore the use of the wifes door stop as a rear bag )
  14. For sale PSE stock to fit tikka T3 varmint barrel contour. In light tan colour. £300 posted. Thanks Sean
  15. Any one know where I can get a Wild Dog Tactical stock for a T3 in the UK?

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