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Found 2 results

  1. Has anyone ever imported any reloading equipment from the states? Im looking at kitting myself out with the RCBS Rockchucker kit. Its £100 cheaper to import (that's including import tax if it gets pulled) but i am a bit worried about any laws or legislation that might stop it from coming in. Anyone had any experience? Any input would be appreciated. Cheers Hunter686
  2. Afternoon chaps..... Having come back from the range having tested out the new creation that 'Baldie' has put together for me and been mightily impressed with the consistency using some of the LR Capts loads. It is time to start putting together my go-to load for this new shooting stick....however RL powders etc... so no-go for me (the rifle is Defiance Deviant, 6.5x47, 27" barrel Bartlein HV profile in an AT stock thats been skinned - used for up to 900m paper and gong bashing) I need to use 123gr Lap Scenars and Vhit N140 powder with CCI BR4 primers, the brass is lapua's finest (I know there are other ideas on this but thats what I have for a variety of good logistical reasons sorry so its fixed for a good while yet!!) The 'try round' jam fit into the lands gives an OAL of 2.753" (checked a few times) The Vit N140 round OAL for this bullet is suggested as OAL of 2.736" ***DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS WITH USING THE ABOVE INGREDIENTS OR ANY SUGGESTIONS AS A START POINT?***KEEN TO HEAR IF ANYONE HAS FOUND A DECENT ACCURACY NODE WITH THESE INGREDIENTS*** Failing that I have my own suggestion that I would appreciate a sanity check / feedback on..... I am confident to load up at 36gr N140 and work upwards very slowly being mindful of pressure signs. I have form for running at the top end of the safe load spectrum but I have been loading for a good while and my OCD and record keeping helps along with kit that I trust but still check.This is below the 36.4gr maximum in the lapua website and I am using a charge master and sanity weighing on a beam scale every 10 throws. **Sanity check please!** From this I will probably construct the rounds to be 2.743" to start and work towards 'no jump' to the touching lands measurement. 36gr Vit N140 into a prepped new lapua case and set off with a CCI BR4 primer and then adjust to jump. Thank you very much in advance.....

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