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Found 8 results

  1. For Sale GRS Decima Hunter Stock in near new condition. No bumps cuts or grazes. Range use only has not been out and about in the fields. Also has the HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE recoil pad added to it which is normally an extra part. £200 Posted UK only. (Barrelled action and scope not included in sale)
  2. Hi everyone, hope the mods don’t mind me posting this 4 days early...if so, please remove!!!! I am selling my GRS Bolthorn Tactical stock for Tikka T3 Short Action in mint condition. This was the chassis for my T3 Lite until I upgraded to a TAC recently. Perfect condition, plug and play...you just unscrew and remove action from old stock and drop your barrel and action into this using your original stock screws. Will accept all barrels including Varmint/Heavy/Bull. Fully adjustable cheek piece, buttstock, pistol grip and on the forend 3x picatinny/weaver rails. Also included is a polymer 10shot .223 mag, also good for .222. I have also left on a weaver/picatinny adapter for Harris style bipod and a Tikka comfort sling jury rigged to 2xQD stud connectors. This was an expensive stock brand new, but including insured postage I would be looking to get around £750ovno. The stock is advertised on 2 other websites so could be pulled at short notice. Any questions, please give me a shout and thanks for having a look. Paul👍 I’ve got loads of pictures which I can email you directly if you are interested....keep getting binned on here as over 2.93Mb...soz!!! NOW SOLD...THANK YOU VERY MUCH
  3. GRS Bolthorn Folding Chassis for Tikka T3 short action calibres (Standard length AICS so .204 - 300WSM) The chassis handles very well and is very stable under recoil owing to its almost straight line recoil. It, was originally bought as a fixed chassis about 2.5 years ago and has since had the folding hinge fitted at a cost of around £130 (fixed stock joint also included) with this fitted the stock locks up tightly when folded or open. It has also been fitted with a custom made aluminum tubular rear bag rider made by David Bonwick of the Shooting Shed which cost around £80. This can be interchanged with the original rear picatinny rail. The chassis will also come with two different cheek pieces made from Kydex one of which covered in neoprene, however it is currently fitted with the factory part. The full specification can be found here - https://www.grsriflestocks.com/models/grs-bolthorn Other than slight wear of the anodising on the front picatinny rail where a bipod has been used and a small ~5mm scuff on the polymer forend the chassis is in almost new condition. New with the folding hinge included this would cost around £1300 (Without the bag rider and extra cheek pieces) so I think £900 + Postage (ONO) is a fair price.
  4. Rifle stock to fit a Tikka T3 supervarmint .223 action, complete with recoil lug, beyond that completely untouched and no marks or dinks whatsoever. Would pass as new, but had been fitted to a rifle at one point for a target plinking session. £400 posted (£110 off McAvoys prices +p&p). Pictures uploaded to a GRS Folder in my Classifieds; http://s408.photobucket.com/user/Sandy_750/library/Classifieds/GRS%20Stock?sort=3&page=1 A good deal for someone.
  5. Now sold: Just the stock no other fittings other than spare feeder. GRS Bolthorn Tikka T3 SA 223/222 Six months old, been out on the range three times, changed T3 model, so of no use as I do not intend replacing the T3 immediately. GRS website fully explains spec, this is not a folding stock. Comes with 10 shot AICS Mag and single shot feeder, unmarked like new, boxed. Not a lot of need for loads of photos, as it's the same everywhere. But I can send some on request. £800 shipped. Copy and paste for photos. IMG_0057_zpswgpxgof7.jpg Photo by gazza0208 | Photobucket Advertised elsewhere.
  6. Sold Near new, used a handful of times, unmarked and no dings or dents. Black in Finish. These Hybrids I find need bedding, this one has not been. Years of personal civilian and military long range shooting experience lies behind the design of this stock. No compromises! The design is derived from the long range stock, with the same grip and SpeedLock system. The butt has a surface specially made for shooting with a beanbag, this is the absolute best way to shoot accurate on extended ranges. The forend is 50 mm longer than a This is near New, used a few times. GRS sporter/varmint style and has a flat bottom for supporting against bags or rests. The longer forend also provides a better mounting position for bipods and aids in balancing long and heavy barrels. The forend has a quick detachable slingmount and one sling mount for using a Harris style bipod is provided as standard. The stock is predrilled for the VersaPod spigot (installation required) The buttstock also has a QD slingmount. Price lowered to £450, they are as high as £620 NEW ..... plus the shipping. Specifications Oiled finish 0.5" limbsaver/GRS recoil pad Birch Laminate SpeedLock adjustmet 30mm adjustment LOP and cheekpiece Height-adjustable recoilpad included!! Weighs appx 1600grams. Comes with quick detachable slingmounts and sling mount for harris bipod Glass bedding recommended Bull barrel contour
  7. Rifle stock to fit a Tikka T3 supervarmint, complete with recoil lug, beyond that completely untouched and no marks or dinks whatsoever. Would pass as new, but had been fitted to a rifle at one point for a target plinking session. £410 posted (£100 of McAvoys prices +p&p). Will upload pictures / link soon in good daylight. A good deal for someone.

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