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Found 12 results

  1. Rcbs group A 22.250 full length and seater dies, very good condition. £25 Inc p&p Lee dies 22.250 full length and seater good condition £18 Inc p&p 300 hornady 22.250 twice fired (£33 Inc p&p per 100) 180 once fired lapua 22.250 (£43 Inc p&p per 100) or £60 Inc p&p for 180. Box off 250 nosler 22 cal bt varmint 40gr £43 Inc p&p(sold) 175 nosler 22 cal ballistic tip 55gr(sold) £25 Inc p@p 82 Hornady 40gr zmax 22cal £15 Inc p&p Box of 100 hornady 22 cal 35gr NTX £17 Inc p&p(sold) Thanks Neil
  2. I have an excellent set of RCBS 22-250 Rem dies for sale. FL resizer and bullet seater. I'd like £30 for them. This includes postage UK mainland. I've advertised these elsewhere too. Any questions please ask. Thanks, Rupert
  3. For sale - 6 boxes of Lapua 6.5x47L brass - SOLD 3 boxes of Lapua 6mm br brass - £ SOLD 1 box of Lapua 6mm br brass (new but opened) - (can throw in another 42 ) - SOLD 92 Norma 6mm br brass once fired - SOLD RCBS 6.5x47L FL die set new - £ SOLD Forster 6mm br ultra die set ( micrometer bullet seater, neck die, and FL die) £ SOLD Redding 6mm br competition bushing die set (micrometer bushing neck die, micrometer seating die, and body die) £ SOLD Prices plus postage unless otherwise agreed Advertised elsewhere
  4. Lee 3 Hole Turret press Redding 7-1 reloading press RCBS Group A dies in 30/30WCF Part number 14601 with number 2 shell holder. Boxed Bonanza .308 Win Co 2 piece die set. Boxed. Redding Master Powder and Bullet Scale RCBS Uniflow Powder measure Primer Arm Spares Bonanza Powder Funnel Winchester 150g SP bullets code 3015P. 98 in total. £130. Collect near junction 45 M6 or Dumfries. Advertised elsewhere
  5. Tidy up so few bits for sale. Lee carbide 3 die set for 380 or 9mm short, (box of 400 95 grain heads with it) £20 but postage will be £7 Lee carbide 3 die set for 357 Magnum can be used for 38 SPL £20 £3 postage or if you want a bag of 357 brass with it £7 Both of the dies are with original box, dipper, shell holder and in good condition. The 9mm short dies only Saw about 50 re-loads. Lee perfect powder measure no box but still has the small stand attached to it. £20 and £3 postage. Pics available if you need them. Thanks Chris
  6. The following rules apply to posts in the For Sale (Private items only) section: You must have been a member of the site for more than 1 month to sell any items. You may only advertise SECONDHAND shooting related items that you are not selling for gain. If you wish to advertise shooting related items of any other nature you must sponsor the board and place your advert in the For Sale (Trade and UKV Supporter items) section. You are limited to ADVERTISING 5 PRIVATE SECONDHAND ITEMS FREE PER CALENDAR MONTH -Anyone wishing to advertise more frequently must sponsor UKV. You must fill in your profile to include your nearest postal city (not just county). You must state a price. This is not an auction site. You may not place an advert for a 3rd party (ie No "my mate..." etc). You must state if the item is being offered simultaneously elsewhere. Obviously, the advert must be legal. Non-compliant threads will be removed without notice. Non-compliance with the final bullet-point will result in dismissal from the site. UKV Principles apply throughout. UKV Principles: Posts - All 'discussions' to be as you would be chatting with a shooting acquaintance over a single post-shoot pint. Pics - If you couldn't get it developed on the high street, don't post it. Politics -Post nothing that would bring shooting sports or the site into disrepute.
  7. SOLD .223 Rem Redding Type-S neck die set, (bushing neck die, body die and micrometer seater). The item is unused. Price is £139 excl P&P. Best regards, Christian
  8. For sale: Warne Maxima Scope Rings 30mm (low height) for Picatinny rail as per; http://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/product/614b13a04a0001f439044718/Warne+Maxima+Scope+Rings+30mm+PA/ £28 posted Lee .223 Pacesetter Die set, including breech lock quick change bush as per; http://leeprecision.com/pacesetter-dies-223-rem.html £25 posted CED M2 chronograph, slight damage (long story!!), still in working order. It's always been a pig to set up so money going toward a Magnetospeed chrono. Photos can be e-mailed they're around 240Kb but I can't seem to upload any on the forum £70 posted
  9. Selling my RCBS .308 Win dies that have hardly been used, brought last year. Box set 15501 contains 1 x full length number 11 die and 1 x bullet seating die number 11. Will come with original box and instructions. £50 posted. Carl.

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