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Found 30 results

  1. For sale REM 700 SA, ACIS folding rifle stock and 308-22-250 mag used but in good nick, if you don’t like the colour you can buy mew skins for it I want £575 with mag ovno. offers excepted but don’t take the mick lol NOW SOLD
  2. ** Both Mags & the stock are now SOLD ** Here is my old 308 kit I used for CSR before I bought a straight pull. It consists of the following: MDT Light Sniper System (LSS) Chassis for Remington 700 (Short action) - Folder: MDT LSS Stock in Black, that takes AICS Mags. Has some ware marks on it (see photos) Carbine buffer tune with MDT Folding stock adaptor Basic AR butt Pad and a Hogue rubber grip Full spec & prices for stock is here: https://www.blackrifle.co.uk/MDT-LSS-Chassis-p/mdt-lss.htm PLUS 4x 10 round .308 AICS Magazines, with basic battle belt & 4 pouches for Mags Would cost over £600 to replace. I am not looking to split the Mags at this time, unless I get an offer on the stock first. Would make a good cerakote project. Looking for £400 posted by RMSD or can deliver to BIsley
  3. For sale is a Accuracy International Chassis System stock in Arctic Warfare design, was used with my former Remmington 700 SPS Varmint .308. Comes with 1x AI 10 round mag and 1x Non-OEM mag holds 9/10 rounds. KRG Bolt Knob - Tactical handling and lager size than standard knob. 20MOA 200mm long rail - Don't remember brand. Picture below shows the full setup but only the parts as listed above for sale. Would like £350.00 for the lot, posted UK. Advertised elsewhere.
  4. We've got a boat load of AICS mags right now. 10 Round .223 Polymer @ £30 each 10 Round .308 Metal @ £52.50 each Grab them before they're gone.
  5. Up for sale - as it's not getting used much - is my RPA Quadlite in rare 223 Rem. "DLC" plasma coated bolt & action (repeater - uses CZ mags, 2 supplied) bought new from the factory in 2003 and bedded into an AICS chassis by myself. 1:9" Stainless Lothar Walther barrel with 15mm spigot muzzle thread. Round count circa 3,000. Still holds under MOA. Two stage "Blue" RPA Trigger with bottom safety (top safe lever also available if needs be). Full length picatinny rail (0MOA). TDI Bipod to complete the look. £1250. Can also be had with scope (Hawke Frontier 30 SF 5-30×50 TMX) and Moderator (Early Wildcat all stainless) for an extra £250.
  6. Hi all, I have my beloved remmy for sale due to changing life circumstances, details as below. Has been treated very carefully, only 450 rounds through it from new and has been a very rewarding and accurate rifle for me. Remington 700 SPS Varmint (26" heavy barrel) in 308 Fitted to new style folding AX AICS (black metalwork, green furniture) TImney Calvin Elite trigger Falcon Optics Menace 5.5-25x55 scope Weaver Tactical rings Third Eye Tactical (now Tier One) 20MOA Rail KRG Bolt Lift (tactical bolt handle) Harris HBRMS 6"-9" tilt bipod 1x 5-round AI metal magazine (official AI item) 1x 10-round AI metal magazine (official AI item) Flip up scope covers Olive green rail covers A great setup and has been very accurate, as well as looking ruddy lovely. £2,000, PM for details and contact info
  7. Hi, Im selling AI AICS legacy stocksides cerakoted in mil spec od green and standard black. The black handgrip piece is stippled. Price: 60£
  8. Hi, Is there somebody who wants to trade a roedale rcs 2 fixed stock for short action Remington for a accuracy international aics short action folding stock ?
  9. I have been enjoying long range benchrest shooting over the last few months and the Diggle BR shooters have been very helpful and accommodating. I am now looking to improve my kit (and my own PB) and move from shooting off a large sandbag to using a 'proper' front rest and rear bag. I hope to save up for a SEB rest in time but will prob start with the heavy duty caldwell rest but any suggestions on rest and front / rear bags would be a bonus. I shoot either a Defiance in 6.5x47 in an ACIS chassis (key slots on the underside of the stock) or my AE Mk2 in .308 (long thin milled slot along the underside of the stock) I have done the usual internet trawl to see about a suitable front bag rider plate and attachments to suite both rifles as well as a suitable rear bag rider. I have seen that the 'Shooting Shed' have an offering for a rear bag rider. I am not overly concerned about weight as both guns are scoped etc and fall into Heavy Gun category so I know I won't be super competitive anyway but for me its about mastering the kit and improving each time. There don't appear to be many options out there for off the shelf however My question is to the collective wisdom of UKV BR what are the recommendations from anyone who has encountered this setup? Any off the shelf solutions that I haven't found on the web perhaps made by a 'local smith' or the other option being who would I go to to get such items made up to fit and swap ideally between both guns as well as any things I need to consider when spacing this 'custom' option? I would like to get something sorted for the Oct 1000yd shoot ideally.... Thank you for any help in advance. M
  10. New in, ideal if you only want a few rounds in the mag! £60 + p&p available here
  11. Today's offer is a Magpul Hunter 700 Chassis along with matching AICS compatible magazine well for Short Action R700's. Just £350 including shipping, offer expires Monday.
  12. Up for sale: AICS non folding stock in gap digital camo short action. This has been taken of my Valkyrie 6BR and has been bedded and milled out to take a Jewell trigger. £450 posted
  13. For sale: BT08-QK - Standard Height AI Mount with QK01 Quick Knob In perfect working order, this is for AICS stocks only. £100 posted.
  14. For sale: 1 AI 223 polymer magazine used but feed lips not worn out £33 posted. 1 MDT 223 used once £35 posted. 1 MDT 308 used twice £35 posted.
  15. We've got a shipment of 5 round Magpul AICS PMAGs due in next week. They are £40 + p&p and are available to pre-order here.
  16. We've got a few Magpul goodies winging their way over the pond at the moment, the first to land today are the new 10 shot AICS PMAGs £42.00 + p&p (or spend over £100 and get Free Shipping)
  17. Just drop-in your short action Tikka T3 or Remington 700 and you will be up and running in minutes. Each upgrade kit contains: 1 x Black LSS Chassis 1 x Collapsible Buffer Tube 1 x Castle Nut 1 x Black Collapsible Hogue Stock 1 x Folding Stock Adapter 1 x Picatinny Rail with QD sockets 1 x AR15 Pistol Grip 2 x AICS 10 Shot Magazines (FDE) Substitutes are fine with some cost adjustment either way. Available here
  18. After a very long wait we've finally received a limited supply of these Hunter 700 accessories. If you've got a Hunter Chassis, you'll want one of these! Available here for £75.00 + p&p
  19. I have a very good condition AT stock in green and black that I no longer need.. Looking for £550 plus post. Ta Jamie
  20. Due to the general lack of lefthand AICSs, is it possible to convert a righthand pistol grip chassis to left? I'm guessing you'd need to mill out the material to accommodate the bolt and safety catch and figure out if it's feasible to backfill the original slots. Anyone tried or know where it can be done?
  21. I own a Tikka T3 action in a Roedale RCS stock chambered in 300 WSM. It came with a badly fitting 308 AI mag, that loads just as bad. I want a no nonsens 5 round dedicated 300 WSM mag for my system, that can eat 3"+ C.O.L. - is that too much to ask?? (No that's right, I do not need a 10 or 400 rounds mag! 5...FIIIVE )
  22. For sale: AICS 1.5 Black taken off my Valkyire .223 in very good condition. Milled out for a Jewell trigger. £450 plus postage.
  23. From OBS to fit the Accuracy International (AI) .308 and .223 Sled inserts in place of your magazine to allow you to load easier single shot rounds. This sled is made from the same durable, long lasting Delrin® to ensure a lifetime worth of use. The sled can be used in place of the five and ten round magazines also meets most match rifle rules. it has been tested in the Ruger Scout, AI 308, and the Badger and CDI bottom metals made for bolt guns to accept AI mags. Also tested in the Elisio RTS using the AI mag. POSTED TO UK MAINLAND £39.99 PER BLOCK. I have five of each in stock now. And will have the new AI-300WIN / AI-330L VERY SOON. Q: What is a single round loading device? A: Its a single round loading device. It is basically a magazine that holds no rounds. Its purpose is to allow the loading and firing a single round at a time. Q: How do I clean the OBS? A: Being made of Delrin® (Polyoxymethylene) the OBS is a very durable and is not affected by gun cleaning solvents. You can use a cloth and WD-40 to clean and shine the OBS. Disassembly of the OBS is not recommended as the bolt-lock plunger is lubricated for life with "The Ultimate Weapons Lubricant" MILITEC®-1
  24. hi, it is with a heavy heart that I must part with my beloved rifle.. its a Bullpup Bushmaster m17s in 5.56mm / .223 she has had modifications carried out ( from original spec) : Top Rail, Side Rails, Cocking Handle, & Cheek rest. I still have the old cocking lever & sight rail handle she comes with : 2 x ( unknown) plastic mags 1 x H&K mag ( as used on current sa80 mk2) or would swap for a MDT TAC21 chassis ( short action rem 700. ) stock or AICS chassis system / stock usual firearms rules applies.. can RFD at YOUR cost ! Sold !!!

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