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Found 4 results

  1. I'm seriously looking for a lever action in either 357 or 44mg (I'm not that concerned which tbh) but what I'm unsure of is which of the big manufacturers - Marlin, Henry, Chiappa or even Rossi deserves my hard earned money? For any of you guys that have fired these rifles, what are your biggest pros and cons? Any advice will be gladly received,
  2. bowji john

    Getting head around headspace

    I have measured the length of chamber using the hornady headspace kit - Headspace measured at 1.768 using a fired PPU case and insert C375 I then started the process of reloading using new Lapua 6.5 x 55 cases I was surprised to discover that my now once fired Lapua cases measured only 1.762 using the same C375 insert Even the same Lapua, now twice fired, is measuring at 1.72 to 1.764 I'm not knocking back the shoulders at all as I'm probably getting a head space of 1.768 minus 1.762 = .006 of an inch My questions are 1. Since we are measuring outside dimensions why might there be such a discrepancy between the PPU and the Lapua? 2. with a headspace of .005 to .008 am I risking over stretching the web and risking case head separation with my Lapua 3. Will the measurements of the Lapua settle down and conform to those originally measured (using PPU) with further firings 4. Despite taking great care with the reloading process I am getting a velocity spread of around 60 fps - might that variation be in part due to the slight differences in head space as not all the cases measure quite the same and I can't uniform them because I dare not bump the shoulder back even more?
  3. lenteped

    Some basic advice please

    A basic question--I shoot benchrest targets with .22 and .17 at 50 and 100 yards. I use a wheelchair. I'm about to go to full-bore. Most shooting will still be at the same range, ie. 100 yd. although I'd very much like to find other ranges that I can use at greater distances. Any thoughts on which calibre/rifle I should look at please. Thanks, Jon.
  4. Dac9976

    6mm br

    Hi all I'm new to home loading, been getting advice here and there but thought I'd make sure what I've done is right before I go on the range tomorrow. I've just got my 6mmbr that Baldie put together for me, I'm using lapua brass with 87gr vmax and vit n135. Started off with 5 rounds with 27gr then 27.5, 28,28.5,29,29.5,30. Does this sound right??

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