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Found 9 results

  1. please read the forum rules on sales. People are expected to contribute here, not simply join to sell stuff.
  2. I have a Tikka t3 5 round medium (22.250 etc) magazine, good condition, would like to swap for a long action magazine (30-06 etc) if possible please, or if not £35 posted. Thanks
  3. For sale Tikka T3 Chassis system with skeleton buttstock Perfect Condition Takes AI Compatible Magazines Reason for sale is im gone back to my factory stock to suit my needs Price £550
  4. For all you Tikka T3 lovers out there.. Updated: head down to find out about the new versions in multiple calibres We have a new version of the precision 10 shot aluminium T3 magazines we stocked back in 2015, available in .223 and .308: The new Gen 3 versions are lighter and more compact, building on an established design with 1000s sold worldwide. Plus, thanks to bigger production runs now under £100 with free delivery. Find out more at http://riflemags.co.uk/blog/tikka-t3-t3x-10-round-aluminium-magazines/ The .223 version has been tested with 222 Rem Mag, 6x47 (222RM case), 204 Ruger & 17 Rem http://riflemags.co.uk/tikka-t3-t3x-fit-10-round-aluminium-223-magazine-gen-3/ The .308 version has been tested with 260 Rem, 708, 608, 6XC, 6x47 Lapua & 243 Win http://riflemags.co.uk/tikka-t3-t3x-fit-10-round-aluminium-308-magazine-gen-3/ 6.5x55 and .30-06 versions will be with us before the end of year.
  5. I'm dreaming of building a 6.5x47L and I was just hoping for a little feedback on the direction I plan to take, perhaps from those who have paved the way already. My initial thoughts are to base it on a Tikka T3 action, 26" Border barrel and then mount it all on an AT AICS chassis (if they actually do build the one they have designed for the T3), failing that, something much lighter, like an XLR / MDT / GC Precision. I guess my goal is to have something that will shoot well out to 1000m, shoot the wings of a gnat at 100m and not be too heavy or too long that I couldn't lug it around after fox or deer if I needed to. I guess what I'm asking is would I be better off with a UK built Rem 700 based custom action? Longer or shorter barrel? A fancy Proof carbon wrapped barrel? Scrap the 'chassis' and get a traditional stock from the likes of GRS or Manners?
  6. We are looking for 2-3 people with factory .223 Tikka T3's to perform some testing of a new product. Ideally you'd shoot a lot, in a variety of conditions and locations. If you'd be up for giving us some unbiased feedback on this new product, drop me a p.m. with some details about what, how often and where you shoot and why you want to do it. We'll post back here at the end of next week with the lucky selected members!
  7. Black Rifle's doing it again with another foray into the world of aftermarket magazines. These Australian produced magazines available in .223 and .308 calibres are a direct replacement for the standard factory plastic Tikka T3 6 shot magazines. Available in limited quantities at the end of June, pre-order now to reserve yours. Magazine Features: Specifically designed for the Tikka T3 223 Rem or 308 Win family of cartridges. Made of light weight 6061-T6 aluminium , with a hard anodised, flat gunmetal grey-bronze finish. 10 round capacity of the SAAMI spec cartridges. Can be disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance. 1kg/25mm spring against a long follower for reliable feeding (while spring max extended). Extended length to allow longer rounds with longer bullets, or bullets seated out further, to be loaded in the magazine (eg. 80 grain projectiles in a .223 case). Good loading and feeding. Very reliable. No more plastic magazine issues - premature wearing, rounds "sticking up", "stove piping" or mis-feeding .308 Features: Overall Load Length (OAL) maximum to approx 74mm (2.9"). Mass approx 220 grams Compatible with 308 Win (Winchester), 260 Rem (Remington), 7/08 (708), 6/08 (608), 6XC, 6x47 Lapua, 243 Win. .223 Features: Increased (from factory 59mm)) Overall Load Length (OAL) maximum to approx 66mm (2.6"). Mass approx 170 grams. Compatible with 223 Remington, 222 Remington Magnum, 6x47 (222RM case), 204 Ruger & 17 Remington.
  8. zelle12

    My new toy

    My new toy - I hope you like it: Action: Tikka T3 Barell: Lothar Walther - 9" twist - 650mm long - muzzlethread M18x1 Stock: PSE Composites Trigger: Andy Atzl Kugelabzug Trigger guard: Alutek Scope: Kahles 624i Mount: Recknagel ERA Tac Catridge: Wildcat 7x64IX (blown out 7x64, modified freebore/chamber throat, Pmax: 4400bar) 5shots - 100meter: First with 150gr Nosler BalTip; Second with 175gr Speer DeepCurl

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