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Found 4 results

  1. Schmidt & Bender PMII scope, 4-16x50, Illuminated P3 reticle in first focal plane, parallax adjustable, double turn elevation turret with 1/4MOA clockwise clicks, single turn windage turret with 1/4MOA clockwise clicks. Very good condition : lenses are perfect, slight wear marks on the turrets as expected with use. Comes with two sun shades and Butler Creek covers. Optionally available with mounts - various options including 3rd Eye Tactical, Talley, Apel - even have some 34mm Theoben mounts! Guide price UKP 1650 without mounts - not presently advertised elsewhere. High resolution pictures available to anyone interested.
  2. Dear all, Advice sought from those with much more experience than myself. I have just ordered an AI AT with the following specification (collect in a couple of weeks): .308 26" barrel, folding Stock (Green), tactical muzzle brake. The rifle will be used as a general purpose ‘do it all' .308 – target, tactical rifle / F class competitions (its the taking part that counts) at Diggle and Rossendale and at ranges from 100 yards – 1000 yards. Whilst almost everyone wants an S&B PMII (myself included), new they are outside my budget: therefore what would you recommend secondhand S&B (if one can be found), Nightforce, etc. No problem with buying secondhand. Thank you From the shop today, just waiting for the 'bits' to arrive before I can pick it up.
  3. Black Rifle is pleased to announce that it's able now to supply Kenton Industries Custom Scope Turrets at great prices. If you're looking for a custom dialling solution for elevation or windage Kenton can manufacture them to your specification for the following scope manufacturers: Burris Bushnell Leica Leupold Meopta Minox Nightforce Nikon Redfield S&B Sightron SWFA Trijicon Vortex Zeiss To order a turret visit http://www.blackrifle.co.uk/Custom-Scope-Turrets-s/1832.htm to download an order form. You may also like to checkout the Kenton site directly to help with filling in the form http://kentonindustries.com/category/custom-turrets. Any questions just ask!
  4. SOLD I'm selling a Schmidt & Bender PMII 3-12x50 with the following specs Single turn turrets 0.1 mil/cm clicks Illuminated reticle Reticle type P4F Reticle in first focal plane (FFP) The glass is perfect and the few signs of wear are purely cosmetic. The scope comes with a butler creek bikini type rubber scope cover (not shown). Price: £1350 including P&P. I'm only interested in selling, no trading. The scope will be advertised elsewhere. PM me if you are interested. PS. Just to clarify, this is a private sale and I'm open to offers. Christian

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