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Found 14 results

  1. Good morning, Whilst I have yet to experience a pierced primer, I'm alert to the possibility that it could occur at some stage if primer cratering becomes excessive. In the US there appear to be quite number of people bushing the firing pin channel in the Remington bolt to achieve a better fit (presumably with a new firing pin too) so that cratering is avoided or reduced. This doesn't seem to be a common modification in the UK but I was wondering whether anybody on here knows of it being done in this country (and by whom) or whether it's just not worth bothering about? I always use CCI pr
  2. Calibre 223Remington 700 Action - Badger bolt knob, 20 MOA railShilen Select Match 24 inch 1:12 barrel threaded 1/2 UNFManners MCS-GAT thumbhole stock. Devcon bedded. Seekins front rail. QD and stud rear sling mounts. Removable cheek riser.CG Universal 2 stage match trigger.AICS bottom metal and two 10 round mags.Total round count is only 1450 and the rifle is accurate enough to outshoot more expensive rifles The trigger is the best I have ever used.Adding up the component cost I'd guess it would cost over £2000 to build this now, I will Take 1050 transferred to your RFD Rifle no 2 cali
  3. I recently bought this for a project, but I don't have time to complete it. Comes with Atlasworx bottom metal. Very solid stock, adjustable length of pull and cheek riser. Original moulded OD Green colour £620 Posted Would consider part ex for a GRS Sporter in black
  4. It started life as a .223 Remington 700P. The rifle was sent to Valkyrie Rifles for Dave to work his magic on. I wanted to be able to hit gongs out to 1000 yards! The rifle was built during January 2015. The action was blue printed and a barley twist was added to the bolt along with a tactical bolt knob. It has a 28” Pacnor Super Match Barrel with a 1 in 7 twist. Chambered in .223 Wylde, an 11 degree target crown was added and it was then screw cut for a Jet-Z moderator and an invisible end cap! The action, the bolt, the barrel and the
  5. Looking for a swap or sell Need a composite tactical stock for a tikka t3 right hand and/or a tactical /target scope of same value to this. Thanks Lawton 6mm BR norma (remington clone) 800rounds from new 25"lilja 8twist varmint threaded 18x1 20moa rail Jewel trigger £950 (can include a T8 mod free of charge if have slot,only done 30 rounds )
  6. Picked this up recently at auction. Advertised as "Rem 700 L/W SP - Olive". Rem 700 - yes it is. Short Action, inlet for BDL floorplate. L/W - Light Weight ? Well it's 2.5 lb, so not THE lightest. It feels very solid though. SP - Sporter style. Olive - yes it is, with a black spatter on top for extra grip It appears to have a hard (maybe injection moulded?) insert for the full length of the action as well as a couple of pillars for bedding. The swivels are moulded in tabs, though there is a normal metal stud under the forend for bipod attachment. My plan was to swa
  7. I'm after a replacement stock for my Rem 700 SPS Varmint. The standard plastic stock is awful, and makes the gun very unbalanced and heavy over the nose. I like the look of the AICS but would like some opinions on those stocks or other similar stocks that people have experience of and would like to share. The MDT TAC-21 was the other I was considering. Thoughts anyone?
  8. Do Remington make a decent off the shelf precision rifle that compares with say Tikka or Sako ? reading between the lines not many experienced rifle shooters like them for various reasons ,build quality being one issue. They come across a bit like Harley Davidsons , you buy one then spend a shed load on it to make it work correctly.
  9. . Hello. Due to a change in my work status I am looking at selling my Remington 700, .223 and my BRNO CZ .308. I might be working overseas and if I don't sell them they will go into long term storage, which I'm reluctant to do because I think rifles should be used and not put into storage. They are both in Doncaster and I use them both regularly at distances up to 500mtrs and I have used the Remington at Bisley up to 1000mtrs. Collection in person but I could RFD them at the buyers expense (I think that works out at about £40 or £50). I only ever fire military surplus ammuni
  10. These are amazingly light and sturdy and I've sold 6 similar setups this week! Only got black available right now, but here are some pictures in FDE and Black.
  11. Looking to swap my short action remington /clone accuracy international stock with rear mono pod for a composite remington /clone short action varmint /tactical stock (mcmillan /Robertson /manners etc)with bottom metal and detachable mag,preferably not bedded,what you guys got for a swap?
  12. Remington Model 700 action, 'stainless' steel 1 in 10" right twist 24" No. 4 contour barrel with 'satin' finish, blued removable muzzle brake (easy to clean crown) and synthetic green ?McMillan? stock. Built by Riflecraft Ltd.; over £2,000 to have built at today's prices. Includes 30 mm scope rings. Scope itself not included. In VGC; very slight rub marks to barrel finish, so slight as to be unable to pick them up in photos. Bought June '09 from first owner, when said to have had about 500 rounds through it. Have since fired 320 rounds. Have now moved up to heavier barrelled 300 WM for range w
  13. Rifle Remington 700 SPS Varmint .243 Includes 20” Barrel, Threaded with Target Crown & Flush Thread Protector Laminate Varmint Thumbhole Stock (Devcon Pillar Bedded, Free-Floated Barrel Channel) Reflex T8 Suppressor Detachable Bottom Metal (Accepts AI Mags) Custom Tactical Bolt Handle Picatinny Rail Metalwork Duracoated Flat Black Slip to accept rifle (incl. scope & bipod) Condition I’ve owned from new (2yrs) & it includes the original box & Edgar Brother’s documentation. Barrel has been shortened and threaded with a target crown by Dave at Valkyrie. Custom bolt handle fitte
  14. Hi I am looking to sell a new Remington action barrelled with a 28" Bartlein. The action face has been trued and the bolt lugs has been lapped, It also has a tactictal bolt knob fitted. The barrel is a Barltein SS 28" light varmint contour in 1-12" twist chambered in 308 Winchester, it is also screw cut. The barrelled action is proofed. It doesn't come with trigger nor rail and moderator. The reason I am looking for someone to buy this package as I am turning towards a full custom project in F/tr class instead. The barrelled action hasn't had a single round through. I do not i
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