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Found 19 results

  1. Hot off the press this afternoon is this neat upgrade for the MDT Ckye Pod. All metal construction and built to last. This is a quick swap for the standard factory bolt which gives instant, "in the field" adjustability to the best bipod on the market. Available on-line here
  2. A CZ457 Varmint in .22LR with 20" barrel. MDT LSS-RF Gen 2 M-LOK Chassis with MDT Carbine Adjustable Lite buttstock and Hogue grip. All in Black Rifle's signature Black colour scheme! Includes 1 x 5 round magazine. £1250
  3. We've got a boat load of AICS mags right now. 10 Round .223 Polymer @ £30 each 10 Round .308 Metal @ £52.50 each Grab them before they're gone.
  4. If you're looking for a quick simple fix to having a small bolt knob, then why not try adding a KRG Bolt Lift to your Remington 700. Available in both standard and small sizes in Black, Flat Dark Earth and Olive Green for £30 + p&p
  5. Black Rifle's doing it again with another foray into the world of aftermarket magazines. These Australian produced magazines available in .223 and .308 calibres are a direct replacement for the standard factory plastic Tikka T3 6 shot magazines. Available in limited quantities at the end of June, pre-order now to reserve yours. Magazine Features: Specifically designed for the Tikka T3 223 Rem or 308 Win family of cartridges. Made of light weight 6061-T6 aluminium , with a hard anodised, flat gunmetal grey-bronze finish. 10 round capacity of the SAAMI spec cartridges. Can be disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance. 1kg/25mm spring against a long follower for reliable feeding (while spring max extended). Extended length to allow longer rounds with longer bullets, or bullets seated out further, to be loaded in the magazine (eg. 80 grain projectiles in a .223 case). Good loading and feeding. Very reliable. No more plastic magazine issues - premature wearing, rounds "sticking up", "stove piping" or mis-feeding .308 Features: Overall Load Length (OAL) maximum to approx 74mm (2.9"). Mass approx 220 grams Compatible with 308 Win (Winchester), 260 Rem (Remington), 7/08 (708), 6/08 (608), 6XC, 6x47 Lapua, 243 Win. .223 Features: Increased (from factory 59mm)) Overall Load Length (OAL) maximum to approx 66mm (2.6"). Mass approx 170 grams. Compatible with 223 Remington, 222 Remington Magnum, 6x47 (222RM case), 204 Ruger & 17 Remington.
  6. Just had a new delivery of 9mm plated bullets. Not many left, but if you fancy clean hands and shiny bullets give them a go! 9mm 123g RN 9mm 145g RN Also have a number of other pistol calibres too. .357 158g RNFP .44 240g RNFP .45 ACP 230g RN
  7. I've just heard that one of the brand spanky new, not even being manufactured yet, MDT HS3 chassis systems will be available for stroking on the Black Rifle stand at the Shooting Show this weekend.. Come by, say hello... and see what you think
  8. If you were at the Shooting Show you may have seen the demo we gave of the Lightnin' Grip Loader. Simply drop a box of 50 .22LR rounds into the hopper, give it a shake and load a 25 round magazine in 15-20 seconds! This innovative .22 LR Speed-loader works with a variety of rifles/magazines, including: Smith & Wesson MP15-22 (OEM, but not Plinker Tactical) Aftermarket Ruger 10/22 (NOT OEM Ruger magazines) AR15 / SIG 552 (OEM, Black Dog, CMMG) Colt M4 / Beretta ARX160 / HK416 We'll continue to add to the compatibility list as we acquire more magazines and feedback from customers. The first shipment of loaders are now on their way to the UK today and should be here sometime next week. If you'd like to order one you can do so here. We're also very pleased to announce that Black Rifle is the sole UK & European distributor for McFaden Loading tools and accessories. We're looking forward to spreading the word about this great tool to all the rimfire shooters across Europe! If you are a dealer and would like to stock the Lightnin' Grip Loader and adapters then please get in touch.
  9. Some of you may have seen that Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) are launching a new AICS compatible polymer magazine. It's been in development for quite a while now and should be launched in the next week or so at a price considerably less than the ones from AI. I have a significant number of these on pre-order with MDT to be shipped out as soon as they are available and will be selling them through my new shop, Black Rifle. If you'd like one (or more) please reply on this thread and I'll hold some back for you and drop you a P.M when they arrive. They are priced at £37.50 each with free postage if you order 3 or more.
  10. Major Disorder

    QD Picatinny Rails

    We'll I'm no riflesmith, but here's the first of (hopefully) a small number of products we're going to release over the coming months. These QD compatible rails (built to the latest STANAG 4694 specification) for the MDT LSS (and Magpul compatible rail systems that are 1.6" between centres) are made here in the U.K for Black Rifle from 6065 Aluminium by an innovative engineering company in Bucks. This one's in the white, but the production units will be black anodised. They are spot on for adding to your LSS to take a QD swivel and bipod in place of the regular stud. We will launch these for sale at the Shooting Show, so drop by if you'd like one.
  11. Another bunch of new products in to BlackRifle today can be found here. This time we're straying away from only Black products to some great new 30 and 20 round magazines (5.56 & 7.62) in Dark Earth, Olive and Foliage Green with top covers. New grips, rail covers, Magpul PRS and collapsible stocks to name a few. Any questions please ask.
  12. We will be getting a few of the MPSS kits in next week. Order now to secure one and we'll ship as soon as it arrives or you can pick it up at the Shooting Show and save on the postage.
  13. The latest version of the MDT Skeleton Stock was announced today. The V2 has some improvements over the original version including some re-engineering to remove play, an update to the cheek rest and an overall increase in length of 1". They will be available around the mid - end of February in limited numbers in either black or FDE. Reserve yours here with a £75 deposit. We've also finally got some of the folding stock adapters for the LSS, there is ZERO play in it, very solid lock up. You can also choose to have it folding to the left or right (with the carbine version). The one pictured below is for Carbine stocks but there is a version for rifle stocks too. If you'd like one you can order here.
  14. MDT have just announced the release of the Light Sniper System (LSS) for Howa and Weatherby Vanguard actions. Available in Black or Flat Dark Earth around the middle/end of February. I'm taking pre-orders for these now as numbers will be limited. A £100 deposit will secure you one with the balance payable on delivery. Price is likely to be the same as other Short Action LSS Chassis at £335. If the price turns out to be higher you can cancel you order and receive a full refund.
  15. In preparation for a whole new range of stock coming in for The British Shooting Show we're having a bit of a spring clean and SALE. Most of the items are 1's or 2's so you'd better be quick! Look for the Sale items here
  16. Now on sale! 30 round Black Magpul PMAGs available to purchase here
  17. These are new in and available now here for £121.50.
  18. Black Rifle is pleased to announce that it's able now to supply Kenton Industries Custom Scope Turrets at great prices. If you're looking for a custom dialling solution for elevation or windage Kenton can manufacture them to your specification for the following scope manufacturers: Burris Bushnell Leica Leupold Meopta Minox Nightforce Nikon Redfield S&B Sightron SWFA Trijicon Vortex Zeiss To order a turret visit http://www.blackrifle.co.uk/Custom-Scope-Turrets-s/1832.htm to download an order form. You may also like to checkout the Kenton site directly to help with filling in the form http://kentonindustries.com/category/custom-turrets. Any questions just ask!

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