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Found 72 results

  1. MDT have released a lot of new models and updates over the last few months so we're offering a great deal on our "last season" stock. We have both the LSS Gen I and the HS3 available at great prices. Very limited stock and priced to clear!! Get an HS3 chassis for you rifle for only £350, saving £100 on the regular retail price. We have the following available: Remington 700 S/A - Black Browning X-Bolt S/A - FDE Howa 1500 L/A - FDE We have 5 of these original LSS designs in stock at £265, saving £75 on the current RRP. Browning T-Bolt .22 - Black Remington 700 S/A R/H - Black T3 S/A L/H - Black T3 L/A L/H - Black Savage (10, 11) S/A R/H - FDE PM or phone us to secure one, when they're gone that's it!!!
  2. If you didn't know there's a bit of a competition on at Bisley this weekend. Also, there will be a load of dealers (Black Rifle included) showing off their wares. So if you'd like to check out the latest MDT chassis', Magpul kit or Vortex Optics drop in and say hello.
  3. We've got a couple of these popular chassis for the short action Browning X-Bolt (one black & one FDE). This kit is everything you need to get up and running. The kit includes: MDT HS3 Chassis Hogue Non-beavertail Grip MDT Polymer Magazine (.223 or .308) Magpul CTR Buttstock Collapsible Buffer Tube Castle Nut MDT Enhanced Lock Plate All this for £525, a saving of £119 on the normal parts prices.
  4. Brand new, complete and ready to shoot. Minor scuff on the scope. MDT LSS Chassis Magpul CTR Buttstock 8/9 Round Polymer Magazine MDT Pistol Grip Weaver 3-9 scope Konus Bipod. £900
  5. H.S. Precision Sand color composite stock with black webbing features full-length aluminum bedding blocks for enhanced stability and shot-to-shot consistency. Complete with bottom metal. All brand new never used. £375 inc shipping to UK mainland
  6. This universal clamp is ideal for holding your rifle rock steady for that long range shot. This one is mounted on a Manfrotto 055 Tripod with a 327RC2 Grip Ball Head for the ultimate in quick adjustability. The Monkey Clamp is designed, manufactured and assembled in England and available for £200 including postage. This latest version includes a couple of upgrades from the original based on feedback from trials with a few army units. If you're looking for the complete package including a tripod and head we're offering some special deals in the coming week. PM for details.
  7. New in today. Magpul's latest bipod (MAG933) in M-Lok format. Black only at the moment £139
  8. It's been a long time coming but we launched our latest product for the M&P15-22 at the Practical Shooting Show a week or two back. This is a dedicated hand guard for the Smith. No adapter nuts, no modification to the upper receiver required. Just a spanner and a vice and you're good to go. We include all specialist tools, including barrel vice jaws and a dedicated barrel nut wrench. Available in two different lengths, 280 (£210) & 360mm (£215) with black end caps. Available here.
  9. There is only one! We ordered 10 of these back in February and we've received just one! Not sure if there are any others in the UK but this Black one is up for grabs. £1200 inc. shipping. Order online here
  10. With this MDT LSS chassis for the Mossberg MVP, upgrade your rifle in less than 10 minutes. Just remove your action bolts, drop into this fully assembled chassis system, bolt in with the supplied bolts and you’re good to go. MDT LSS Chassis Mossberg MVP .223 Magpul PMAG 10 Hogue Grip MDT Folding Stock Adapter Collapsible Buffer Tube Castle Nut Magpul CTR Butt stock RRP £575.50 DEAL PRICE £475 ONE ONLY
  11. We've got a special offer on Magpul Hunter 700 Chassis and Magazine Wells. When you purchase both at the same time we'll give you a £50 Black Rifle voucher to spend on whatever you like!
  12. Major Disorder

    Open Saturday 22/6 08:00 - 12:00

    We don't usually do Saturdays, but we will be open tomorrow! Feel free to drop in for a brew and a free chamber flag! Of course if you'd like to peruse the extensive range of MDT chassis, Magpul kit or any of the other 300+ accessories we have you're more than welcome :-)
  13. We've got some of this coming in at a great price in time for the Phoenix next month. £125 / 100 Drop me a pm to reserve some. We'll also have 125g Hollow Point @ £120 / 100.
  14. We have a very limited number of special drop in kits. The kit includes everything you need to get you up and running: MDT LSS Chassis MDT Folding Stock Adapter Hogue Grip Carbine Buffer Tube Castle Nut Magpul MOE Buttstock 2 x AICS 10 Round .223 or .308 Polymer Magazine All this for just £500 including delivery, that's a saving of over £90 on the individual prices. This deal is limited to the following actions: Mossberg MVP .308 & .223, Tikka T3 S/A Left Hand, Savage S/A. We have very limited stock on these. Grab one here
  15. These are the last of the original MDT Folding Stock Adapters. We have them for carbine and fixed stocks at a giveaway price. If you don't need a "lock open" function then grab one of these while you can, when they're gone that's it! Available here @ £75
  16. We don't open many Saturday's but tomorrow is one of them! We have the latest Vortex Red Dots and MDT Chassis Systems to paw over and lots more to boot. First 5 through the door get a free chamber flag. MK19 7HQ.
  17. Hot off the plane and due in stock tomorrow. The Crossfire is the latest in the Vortex red dot range coming in at a bargain price of £145. Available here
  18. If you're coming up the M1 on Friday or Saturday this week on your way to the BSS you can always drop in to Black Rifle for a brew, a free chamber flag and a look at some kit. We're not exhibiting there but we'll be doing some deals on MDT chassis, Vortex optics, Magpul and ammo if you're in the market for reasonable prices :-) Friday 09:00-17:30 Saturday 08:00 - 12:00 MK19 7HQ - About 10 minutes off J14 or J15 M1.
  19. These have been a long time on testing, even longer in manufacture, but finally we have our very own Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 firing pins ready for pre-order. These will be shipping next week, so order now to get yours. £22.50 each, discounts for multiple purchases. Available here.
  20. We've got two pairs of these much anticipated Vortex Fury HD 10x42 Laser Rangefinding Binoculars arriving later this week. £1169 inc shipping. Order here before they're gone!
  21. We've got one only, with the in demand ECR-1 reticle. Regular price is £1667, but use coupon code GOLDEN in the checkout, receive a discount and a FREE Solo 8x25 Monocular. Order here
  22. Here's a one off for your Tikka T3 Short Action. MDT LSS Chassis - £340 MDT Skeleton Carbine Buttstock £210 Hogue Grip £25 MDT AICS Magazine (.223 or .308) £35 Usually £610, now £550 inc. Shipping.
  23. If you've got a Southern Gun Lever Release in .45ACP, a Taurus or De Lisle then you might want to take advantage of some deals we've got on right now. 100 x Remington .45ACP Brass - £25 100 x LOS .45ACP 230g RN Bullets- £14 500 x H&N Sport .45ACP 230gn RN - £67.50 Discounts when you buy multiples too
  24. Not sure if any of you have heard of these? We backed a KickStarter like campaign about a year ago and these finally turned up on Wednesday! You won't find a more advanced target system out there. Rated for up to 600ftlbs and controlled via an app on your phone they take steel shooting to a new level.
  25. More goodies from MDT. This time, the latest addition to their popular chassis line up, the new ESS. We have the Remington 700, Short Action, Right Hand version arriving next week with a choice of fore-ends. Priced from £775 with a 12" fore-end, a bit more with the longer versions

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