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Found 11 results

  1. For sale is my Barnard Rifle in 223 Calibre. Barnard S action. Barnard 17MOA rail. 30 inch 1 in 7 trueflite ultra match medium Palma profile barrel. Round count 1550. Phil Mastin stock. CG match trigger currently set at 5 ounces. I'm asking £1150 plus shipping ONO. Thanks for looking.
  2. 200x .224 Hornady 80gr ELD-M £65 Posted They are all the same batch. The bullets are in the original boxes but they have been opened as I BTO sorted the bullets as part of the 4 boxes I bought (all the same batch) - I shot 200 and these are what I have left.
  3. After doing some additional reading (Laurie's threads were very informative as always) I decided to skip the Lovex and go for Reload Swiss powders. I will be reloading: - 24" 1:8 twist Tikka .223 with 80gr SMK -28" 1:11 Sabatti .308 with 185-200gr Berger - 28" 1:8 Sabatti 6.5 Creedmoor with 142-150gr SMK Which specific RS powders would You recommend for each of those? Is there one that can do it all reasonably like Hodgon Varget? TIA, Michal
  4. .223 Savage Model 12 Long Range Precision Varminter only 15 months old, only shot at the range less than 500 shots fired.The top-of-the-line Model 12 long Range Precision Varminter (Right Bolt, Left Port) provides legendary Savage accuracy,and sets the standard in long-range shooting. A heavy, fluted, one-inch diameter barrel with a smaller ejection portprovides more rigidity to the receiver and greater precision. All this, plus an aluminium v-block system in H-S Precision’sVarmint stock. It’s easy to see why the Model 12 was named a Field & Stream "Best of the Best" and earned the NRA's Shooting Illustrated Golden Bullseye Award"The condition of the gun is as new and will come in original box with all paperwork£1150 ono to face preferred but will consider RFD transfer
  5. For sale: 1 AI 223 polymer magazine used but feed lips not worn out £33 posted. 1 MDT 223 used once £35 posted. 1 MDT 308 used twice £35 posted.
  6. Sion-53

    5.56 brass

    Wondering if anyone knows where I can buy some once fired 5.56 brass in quite large quantities about 1000 ish. (Preferably RORG) Thanks sion
  7. For Sale Tikka Super Varmint in 223. Jetz CQB Mod in 18x1 Valkyrie Oversized Bolt Knob Superficial scratch on the barrel that will easily be refinished seen below Genuine less than 300 round count Rifle & Mod £1000 2 x Spare 6 shot mags £30 each
  8. One Tikka T3 6 shot .222/223/204 magazine, light use but in good condition and fully functional - £35 posted Also One Original Bob Sled Tikka T3 Single Shot Insert - £12 posted Advertised elsewhere.
  9. Hi, Can anybody suggest where I can get above ammo from. I would like to maximise energy using a Tikka T2, 20" with a 8" twist. Bullet must be jacketless, my range dies not allow jackets. Any info would be very helpful.
  10. simonl

    Best 223 bullet for fox

    Hi, I've decided to get a 223 (definitely a 223 - to keep the thread straight ) I like the idea of shooting at long ranges, but I mustn't get away from my prime requirement, which is foxes up to 250 yards, mostly lamping. Rather than jumping at deciding on the rifle I want, I thought it might be prudent to decide on the best bullet for the job, and then look at twist rate etc so I have a good starting point for choosing the right gun. I've sort of concluded 53gr Vmax is a good candidate, but would like to seek opinions. I'll home load if I have to, but will have to start off on factory. Thanks, Simon.
  11. I am hearing mixed opinions about this. Can a standard 223 be converted to an Ackley Improved simply by reaming the chamber with an Ackley reamer? I'm told that if there's no parallel section of the barrel (for the lathe to grab it) then it can't be done, and even if there is, it might still not be possible due to other factors. The aim is to convert without costing a fortune, so it would be the cost of reaming & associated work, if possible, vs. selling the 223 and buying an Ackley. (I will need to buy dies whichever route I take). It's only a Remington 700 Varmint SPS but it's silly accurate and I really like it so I would prefer not to start again. What does the panel think?

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