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Found 15 results

  1. Howa 1500 in .223. Hogue stock, Sonic 45 moderator with Praesidia cover, bipod, 5 round magazine, Z-Aim sling and Nikko Sterling Diamond 3-12x56 scope. Less than 300 rounds through it from new. £500 ON0.
  2. kamyonsofor


    Looking for a .223 rem, with mod, or complete package, 1in9 to 1in12 twist ,22" barrel max,Howa Cz Tikka ,etc price up to £500 will do f2f if distance within reason ,if rfd you pay your end, ,appreciate any offers thanks.
  3. kamyonsofor


    Hi I am in the market for .223 with mod ,2 mags ,w.h.y. with round count and your price will travel up to 100 miles f2f. pm here or email snafu1900@yahoo.com thanks
  4. It started life as a .223 Remington 700P. The rifle was sent to Valkyrie Rifles for Dave to work his magic on. I wanted to be able to hit gongs out to 1000 yards! The rifle was built during January 2015. The action was blue printed and a barley twist was added to the bolt along with a tactical bolt knob. It has a 28” Pacnor Super Match Barrel with a 1 in 7 twist. Chambered in .223 Wylde, an 11 degree target crown was added and it was then screw cut for a Jet-Z moderator and an invisible end cap! The action, the bolt, the barrel and the moderator were then all Ceracoated in graphite black H series! This superb barrelled action now sits in an MDT Tac 21 chassis system. This modular chassis system has a built in 20 MOA Picatinny rail that runs the length of the system. Because this chassis accepts AR parts, I opted for a Houge pistol grip and a Magpul PRS adjustable but stock. Because of the removable butt stock, this long rifle is easily carried in a hard case. The rifle has fired a total of 344 rounds including the 5 rounds Dave fired through it way back in 2015! Using the load I’ve developed this rifle shoots .3 MOA @ 100 yards and reliably reaches out to the required distance! (We’re not talking about a barn door size target either. I shoot a 20”x 20” steel gong… Thats 2 MOA!) I have spent quite some time collecting the tools and materials required to make this rifle preform how I wanted. When I found the bullets it liked, I bought them in BULK! I’d like to sell it all including the info on load data. The Sale consists of: Semi Custom Remington in an MDT chassis system 1x 10 Round metal Accurate Mag Jet-Z Moderator Black Rifle Picatinny Rail (Mounted to fore grip to mount Bipod) 14x Box Hornady 80gr A-Max (1400 bullets!) 11 boxes all from the same batch 2x Tubs of H4895 (Enough powder for 540+ rounds) 200x PPU Brass - New 200x PPU Brass - Once fired (Formed in this chamber) 132x PPU Brass - Twice fired (Formed in this chamber on 2nd shoot) 118x Magtech Brass - Twice fired (From a previous chamber) Redding Competition Bullet seater (Micrometer type) A-Max bullet seater Stem. (VLD Stem and original also included) Hornady Lock-N-Load .223 Bullet Comparator insert Brush & Jag attachment for barrel cleaning Hard Case with egg shell foam All the above has cost in excess of £4.5k and the rifle has seen hardly any use. (The A-Max bullets alone make £500 of that and obviously they’ve never been used!) I’m asking for £3,500 for the whole package. £2,000 for the rifle in the Chassis System, Prs Stock, Pistol Grip & Mod - Once the rifle has gone I will be willing to split the rest. With this rifle and it’s reloading accessories, you will be out hitting steel beyond 700 yards as quick as you can get a scope on it! If you would like to negotiate on price, feel free to make an offer but you must be able to collect the rifle or pay the RFD fees... If I get full asking price, I am prepared to cover the RFD fees. If you'd like to know any more info, just use the thread or send me a PM. All The Best. Jay
  5. Dear all, I would quite like either a Ruger PR or Tikka T3x TAC A1 in .223, it would appear however that this is not an option. Therefore, my next purchase will probably be a .semi custom 223 Remington 700 SPS with one of the following chassis systems. http://www.accuracyinternational.com/aics-chassis-systems/ or http://www.blackrifle.co.uk/MDT-LSS-Chassis-p/mdt-lss.htm I would appreciate thoughts and opinions of the benefits or any negatives with either. Any ideas on the cost of both would also be appreciated. As an aside, I would quite like an MDT LSS for my Ruger American but the cost is hard to justify for a rimfire. Thank you.
  6. kamyonsofor


    Looking for a .223 , Remington 700, Browning A-Bolt ,Tikka etc twist rate 1-9 ,scope and mod on a budget wishfull thinking up to £550 could be a bit more if I get into her purse,f2f upto 150miles Bedfordshire message or email snafu1900@yahoo.com if allowed thanks .
  7. Steyr Mannlicher Pro varmint .223 This is a cracking rifle but I just don't use it. It has a barley twist fluted stainless barrel and a set trigger, the stock is black synthetic. 1/2 unf screw cut. £875 PM me with E-Mail address for pics
  8. I am selling My Hera Arms .223 Hardly used since I purchased it. very acturate Rifle. Only had 600-700 .22 through it as I have used it with .22 conversion kit and Nerver used if for .223. Amazing condition Magpul Grip Magpul stock Customs barrel Geissele Trigger Troy rail guards £1400.00 Accessories and other items also for sale JET Z .223 suppressor with AR15 thread £200 1x .223 30 round Hera Mag £20 1x10 .223 metal Brownells Mag £15.00 CMMG .22 conversion Kit with bolt open actuator. £150 5x30 round .22 round Black Dog Machine X-Form Mags £20 each Black and 1 is shadow and 1x10 round .22 round £15.00 Troy Screw Lock Grip £50 everything is in perfect condition. This is a truely Beautiful Gun but I dont use it. 07931806266
  9. Valkyrie single shot action with 20 MOA rail, fully bedded etc Border cut rifled barrel in a 1 in 8 finished at 24 inches, screw cut M14x1 with invisible thread cap Jewell Trigger MacMillan A5 fully adjustable. There is a thread on the rifle here: http://ukvarminting....23-from-baldie/ where you can see some pictures and some load information. Here is the link to the Valkyrie website which shows the rifle. http://www.valkyrierifles.net/apps/photos/photo?photoid=158011970 The rifle will come with 150 rounds target ammo (77 grain SMK) and around 50 rounds of fox ammo (55 grain V Max) all of which loaded by me. All the load data that I have and all the empty brass. Round count would be around 800 and the rifle has always been kept clean and well maintained. This an accurate rifle that will do targets (out to 600 yards or so). £1,750 is the price for the rifle. Also available is an A-Tec moderator with a round count of approximately 100 from new priced at £150 - Rifle and Moderator SOLD Warne mounts available at £45 plus postage - Custom Rings Xtreme Tactical Ring Pair 30mm Low Matte Black This rifle was bought two years ago and in that time I have only used it at Bisley for target shooting. I have put no more than 150 rounds through it. I have tried uploading pictures and compressed them but am having difficulty attaching them. If you want any pictures please contact me with your email address and I will send them to you
  10. TattooedGun

    .223 Accurate Mag or AICS polymer

    Looking for a couple of magazines, either AICS polymer (Gutted I missed the pair that recently sold on here) Or a couple of Accurate Magazine .223 conversions. I have 1 accurate mag currently, so it may be cool to have 3 the same, but not fussed either way. Have seen the MDT but have read mixed reviews about them bowing when filled to 10... would rather have something reliable and sturdy... Let me know what ye have
  11. SOLD with Optilock's Due to the death of my shooting partner and best friend last month. I am posting on behalf of his widow his new Sako laminate varmint rifle. As per title this is an uncommon 1:8 and 24" barrel which as most know you have a long wait for. It is factory cut I believe and he bought this new last September / October for £1425 from the Countryman of Derby, the receipt will be included in the sale. I'd Guess it's had a maximum of 200 rounds down it as we've shot these whilst out together. The stock and barrel are as new, as is everything about this rifle. The gun has been valued and we're wanting £1000 for this as new rifle that's a £425 saving of 30%. A deal can be done on the moderator, I'm not sure which make it is. We also have Sako stainless Optilock bases and black 30mm mounts, both in retail packaging, that we would sell for £90. I've tried posting hyperlinks, and this is the fourth time I've written this out (damned iPads), so whilst I will be posting pictures in due course, I can e-mail anyone who wants them. Collection will be from Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. Sandy
  12. I am selling a Barnard Custom Bench Rest Target Rifle. It is in Brand new condition and has only had 300 rounds through it. All parts of this rifle were brand new at the time of building it, No parts were second hand. The specs of the rifle are as follows Action = The Action is a Barnard Model S and has a Aluminium Bolt handle knob made by Mik Mak at Dolphin Gun company Stock = The Stock is a Dolphin Modular Stock Made by Mik Mak from Dolphin Gun company. Made from Aluminium and is completely adjustable. It is in excellent condition no marks or damage. Barrel =The barrel is a True-Flite stainless Heavy Varmint Contour. approx 26" long. It is threaded with a 18x1 thread, has a invisible thread cap and also has been bead blasted recently to a beautiful finish. The barrel has a 1 in 12 Twist. Trigger = Jewel Trigger Scope Rail = 17 MOA Made by Mik Mak at Dolphin Gin Company. £1550
  13. hi, it is with a heavy heart that I must part with my beloved rifle.. its a Bullpup Bushmaster m17s in 5.56mm / .223 she has had modifications carried out ( from original spec) : Top Rail, Side Rails, Cocking Handle, & Cheek rest. I still have the old cocking lever & sight rail handle she comes with : 2 x ( unknown) plastic mags 1 x H&K mag ( as used on current sa80 mk2) or would swap for a MDT TAC21 chassis ( short action rem 700. ) stock or AICS chassis system / stock usual firearms rules applies.. can RFD at YOUR cost ! Sold !!!
  14. FOR SALE - Steyr Mannlicher Classic half stock in .223 (20 inch barrel) Rifle has only seen a genuine 12 rounds which can be verified with a bore camera! Stock is in perfect condition with no marks. This rifle will make a cracking foxing tool. The following will be included in the package - Scope - Zeiss Duralyt 3 x 12 x 50 Illuminated reticle with mounts. Harris bipod legs - S1 A2 (Ultra light) Moderator - Jet Z Looking for £1750 RFD transfer available or face to face in Dorset area with supply of slot on certificate. PM me if you have any questions? Regards Carl.
  15. Howa 1500 .223 Remington Stainless for sale. 24 inch barrel KKC aftermarket stock Warne bases Timney trigger Few light marks on barrel from shooting sticks (slipping from stock) shown on pictures couple of marks near the butt pad shown in pictures Fired only factory ammo through rifle Best groups = 1/2 inch @ 100yds PRICE £600 plus any RFD exchange charges. Regards Carl.

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